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@ingdruido io son sempre stato ridicolo, al contraio di chi insulta e attacca chi ha un opinione diversa, che invece è solo #patetico
izzie just cut the lvad wire🙄 don't think I'm prepared for denny's death😩
@denny_malik Ass w.w. Dgn tdk mengurangi rasa hormat kami, ijinkan kami dr kel kedua mempelai meyampaikan undangan…
RT @AndryWaseso: SINETRON PABRIK SEMEN REMBANG - Denny Siregar| Bagaimana kaum korporatisme berpikir. Propaganda menyedihkan.
RT @trumpterpret: Thank you @MarrihaSwtLady! America will always be first on my agenda! I don't have any deals in Russia.…
RT @antinazipatrol: 👍💯 Nice guys finish last in politics.
RT @tedlieu: Cloud of treason means we must have total shutdown of any @POTUS agenda item. No votes on any item. My stmt #GetWoke
@tammycox109 hahaha you better go get u and Denny matching ones!
RT @ZoePolk: Had a pretend @GeekyCon this weekend. Walked to the occc, ate at Denny's, cried a lot. @melissaanelli I miss your beautiful con.
RT @joshtpm: If yer going to have a House intel chair carry your water for you, best to make sure he understands how water works, or intel, or anything.
@mimic377 @DineshDSouza give people wedgies, wet willies, don't pray at night before bed. But at least they're no felons like Denny here.
@denny_637 se vuoi ricoprirti di ridicolo ci stai riuscendo benissimo. #LOL
RT @YupThatExist: This is how weight distribution dynamics work
RT @antinazipatrol: So, Democrats grabbed the entire #GOP and made them all support traitor Trump and his crew? Delusional much?
Denny Thompson see why I don't trust light skinned folks. Well I trust Joe and Scott but that damn Lawrence...
RT @Impeach_D_Trump: Filibuster of Gorsuch! Yes!!!! Please Stay strong Democrats. RETWEET!
RT @knobcreek: And when the day’s over, let the whiskey do some work. #ThisCreekRunsFull
RT @TeaPainUSA: What does it say about a party scurryin' to take away insurance from 24 million Americans before their President is impeached for treason?
RT @GreysDailyMsg: “Life is too damn short to be following these rules." - Denny Duquette
RT @christopherotts: Totally ignoring fact that the previous board they say left all these probs had many such people (Jr Bridgeman, M H…
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But how will Paul Ryan get his rocks off if he can't fuck the poor?