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Can Denny move in with Bobby Beale? #EastEnders
Somebody please kill Denny. #Eastenders
Little denny no way near ball with that tackle on michelle
Michelles had more scenes with denny than sharons ever had
Someone should kill Denny #EastEnders
Dirimu adalah ibarat bumi bulat ato datar
RT @WORLDSTARC0MEDY: Travis Scott goes crazy with one of his fans
Denny is gonna tell Phil. Who will be an old age pensioner time he gets back #eastenders
RT @RockMNation: Michael says he has "big plans" and is "working behind the scenes" to make Mizzou great again. *squeeeee*
doesnt she die soon so they said #eastenders denny yr a little shit
That little Denny needs a good slap. Again. #EastEnders
And she hit Denny
It's about time that little brat Denny was shown some discipline. Horrible little child #EastEnders
RT @kadyngriffiths: 1st Base:Kissing 2nd Base:Touching 3rd Base: Not 100% sure tbh Home Run:Sex I think??? Grand Slam:A delicious pancake platter at Denny's
I want Denny's so bad :-(
I miss Denny so much... Y'all just don't understand 🌑
Denny deserved it and louise is a bitch .... if i was Michelle i'd fck off and let the little c*nts look after themselves #eastenders
Denny has been looking for a slap for years, it's the only good thing Michelle has bought to the square #EastEnders
RT @RockPassion97: ⏩Negan, John. W, Jason, Denny, Patrick, Clay, Jeffey. ⏪ ▶Rol extenso, medio, corto. ◀ ¿RT?
@vallilantuomo @gamespot If you leave right now you won't miss the early bird special at Denny's.. Get a nice piece of cantaloupe on me :)
primeira vez que choro com greys, denny morreu
#ThingsSeenInMyCar a gallon of Denny's ranch dressing