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RT @bzkt93: Old people be mobbin in the mornings, 5am fresh out da bed like whats da move nigga we hittin up denny’s? LOL
i've had kyle larson, denny hamlin and kurt busch follow me and i was so hype until i saw they're all fake.
I cast my Heisman ballot for #DwayneHaskins! Click the player you think deserves the Heisman House vote. (📍@NissanUSA)
moth man vored me outside Denny's can confirm
RT @DennysDiner: You call it “sweater weather” we call it “Pumpkin Pie Milk Shake” weather. Head to Denny’s to try our all NEW Pumpk…
“Give Jack a treat for us!” Ed Escamilla...Aka, Denny’s Border Collie...
@asiddiqui15 @skolszn Geeze Ali you’re a savage!
RT @TheBaddestMitch: If the brunch don’t have a DJ, don’t invite me. I like my mimosas and French toast with Young Dolph playing in th…
RT @lmPostMalone: it's kind of sad how words can absolutely destroy you in a matter of seconds
RT @jafostetweet: Eu soube que era amor quando comecei a sentir um ciúme inimaginável e inexplicável de ti. Quando as músicas começar…
RT @lmPostMalone: if i ever cut you off, understand and respect that u were toxic to me and you no longer served a purpose in my life. i get tired of bullshit
RT @lmPostMalone: just because i smile, doesn't mean i'm happy
RT @KimSJ: @denny_robert @Malcolm96593327 @A50Challenge @bbclaurak Laura K apparently sees her job as the Westminster equivale…
RT @lmPostMalone: if you leave, please stay gone
Dev Update #5265: Denny John discovered to talk during a festival.
RT @lmPostMalone: for once in my life i just want to be good enough
RT @lmPostMalone: you deserve someone that’ll thank God everyday for you. someone that’ll treat you like a blessing & not a burden. s…
@iameden I just fucking LOVE you