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Quien fue la que puso que estas bueno sjsjsj me reí — nose quiero saber capaz se confundieron de persona
Si yo te digo Jess vos pensas en...?ahre — en tu viej ... ahre
RT @lexie_marie5: "Where r u from?" "Dixon, IL" "Where?" "Ronald Reagans hometown" "???" "Like an hour south of Rockford" "????????" "Chicago" "OH OK"
Daryl Dixon che "mettiti a terra, in silenzio" e io cosi: #FoxTheWalkingDead
@Paula_Mrtn la esposa e amante de DARYL Dixon
Quienes te caen mejor en el t3amwalk3rs??? — todos me caen bienn pero helen mas
Por que todos te dicen que no estás bueno ahre — ahre
@deadconnection @wwwbigbaldhead I love it wanna win me some Dixon goodies lol
RT @NeRDlabPitt: Dixon: what contributes to DUP? misattribution, stigma, self-reliance, and later, care transitions #ICOSR2017
Liars are petty If u cant own up when u know u did wrong den keep dat shyt frum me
RT @nufcfoodbank: wonder what the foodbank donations mean? then follow this link and let Isaac Hayden and Mike Dixon inform you
@DrLMTS what did the donut represent? 🤔🍩
RT @_Laylan: Bruh she dead separated the greens so the juice won't run over to the other food, wife her
@justin_cait All great players yes but Dixon and Kiss were expected if Grasso wasn't HC. Sometimes the better situation is to start over...
i, a daryl dixon enthusiast
RT @dxryldiixon: Nuevo Daryl Dixon por #FreeRol. ¿RT? - Rol medio/extenso. -Busco a Carol Peletier. #Caryl -Tramas por dm.
Ms Dixon is so fucking wild
RT @ByMichaelKelly: Updated to reflect that Dixon, Kiss have asked for releases from Quinnipiac