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RT @PeterBurnsESPN: In case you need something to get you through this Friday. Here's my pup Saban rehabbing after ACL surgery.
RT @Fer_Uf: Con mi nuevo pingüino fav ❤️🐧 mil gracias @Denisse_tz me encantó! Nos vemos mañana en @Expo15Mx 😊
RT @fentyy: I deadass sat and watched the whole thing
RT @fentyy: Kiss It Better is so chill
No se puede dormir cuando se tiene el corazón roto ...
RT @fentyy: "Name a more iconic trio than Kim, Kylie, and Khloe" 😭😭😭
RT @hetements: i wish i wasnt crying in the club right now
About to snapchat everyone this
RT @I_aint_doit: Why they got dildos in their mouth ?RT @StevieQue: ΑΦΑ ice cold brothers I need some answers
RT @BaeDates: Playful relationships are the best!
ano ibigsabihn nun?
Por hacerme idiota toda la tarde
RT @daisyvaex: I wanna watch twd but this chisme with denisse is 🔥🔥😤💯
RT @BRWNHANDS: Pozole > Menudo, don't @ me
RT @LanaBautista_: Hoy fue sábado de pelis ❤️ vimos "el perro millonario" 🤑🤑🤑😂 @QueenBautista_ @Rumbau_ los amo! 🐶❤️
RT @MarioBautistaMB: De los mejores sentimientos que he experimentado es el de conocerlas en persona, poder escucharlas y abrazarlas aunque sea un momento ❤️
RT @xoprisilla: #19 If you constantly have to question your place in his life, clearly he isnt making an effort to show how much you mean to him. LEAVE
RT @xoprisilla: #18 If he keeps popping in & outta your life, block his shit & stop letting him. there is a MAN out there that will appreciate it
RT @xoprisilla: #11 If that nigga treats you like an option, ION GIVE A FUCK how much you love his ass or care, LEAVE
RT @xoprisilla: this thread is to let you ladies know when its time to let him go & move on 😘
RT @fIeekin: all I want in life is happiness.
RT @glofuI: i just need a hug right now
RT @yaboytiller: no relationship is perfect so just find the right one to go through hell and heaven with