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RT @AlanChaput: Dream with your eyes closed. Live with your eyes open.
@50MaDeuce Yes! The 🚩immediately came to me combination Manafort & R's platform on Ukraine during their convention.
RT @MotivatedLiving: You can't be good enough for everybody, but you'll always be the best for the one who deserves you.
RT @cosadelonostra: I didn't mean it, you know me, Denise.. okay so in an hour we meet,.
@Denise_Alice_ 😂 welcome to the club of old people 😂😂😂 😘
RT @denise_hug: "E non ho mai detto resta Se potevo dire addio"
Todo lo que tome arranco cuando me quede al lado de Agus !
denise is so fucking beautiful i love her
RT @TVRuckus: Tour the set of @WCTH_TV with @DLissing & get preview of ep. 2 @hallmarkchannel SNEAK PEEK
RT @denise_hug: "Almeno tu rimani fuori Dal mio diario degli errori Da tutte le mie contraddizioni Da tutti i torti e le ragioni"
RT @denise_hug: "Poche volte ho dato conto A chi dovevo dare retta Ma non ne ho tenuto conto Ho sempre avuto troppa fretta"
@DenisePichi me caes mal denise jajajajajajajajajaja
RT @ThaRealIzreal: Don't text me when it's only beneficial to you
I didn't mean it, you know me, Denise.. okay so in an hour we meet,.
*sings Denise's Tadhana* DESTINED TO BE YOURS BUKAS NA SA GMA 7 8:30 PM #EXOrDIUMinManila
RT @LisaCrossXXX: My first ever shoot with the stunning @Denise_Masino for @MusclePinups. I lost count how many times she made me cum…
@desquedaa Sure, let's talk, Miss Denise! i love math!
@clift_denise @AlloreThomas @FoxNews @ewjacksonsr you gonna hide dumb white men with guns? They commit the majority of crime in the US.
RT @srslylate: 😊i'm 😊trying 😊to 😊be 😊a 😊better 😊person 😊but 😊some 😊people 😊are 😊testing 😊me
RT @denise_hug: "Ho giocato con il fuoco E qualcuna l'ho anche vinta Ma ci è mancato poco Mi giocassi anche la vita"