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RT @Sarinski_: Ma cosa scrivevo nel 2012? Allibita
RT @CapricrnQuotes: #Capricorn's are usually the most successful of the signs in a worldly sense.
Psalm 77. When your soul refuses to be comforted (v 2), what do you do? We do what the psalmist did--tell God all...
Denise from Montana: "my purpose for using this site is to find a person that I can live happily ever after with"…
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di ako makapag-isip ng matino ngayong araw, rest and digest mode ako (napasabak sa birthday-an ng di prepared haha)
RT @jaceeeee: 25. When Denise Saucy Wow Belfon blessed us with the bicycle wine
RT @skrenggeOFW: @BERENIKE_DENISE no more charr na talaga bessy!!! ELM TreeFoundationSOON #PushAwardsMayWards
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I can’t believe it’s only 6 days till I meet @roadtriptv and @kadyrosepml 🙈🙈
RT @MagalhaesLariii: Hj ta parecendo domingo
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RT @FrasesEroticas6: Nós! 💫❤️🔥
RT @otariano: FIM DO MUNDO: 2000 2002 2006 2008 2011 2012 2015 2016 2017 EU FUI EM TODOS
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LOVE is LIFE so if you miss out on LOVE you MISS out on LIFE MIRACLE COACH DENISE xo
@henriktheexcelt Aye well that is true i suppose
@deebrio_denise @Alltheway80s It was ace. All those days are gone now. But alive and well in Waterford it seems. 😁
RT @relatojovens: Ela só quer viajar daqui pra qualquer lugar...
@kelbard @Barry_John_1967 Always is, licks their arses
RT @TheBird_Watcher: Love a bit of Denise Van Outen 🔥🔥🔥
Sad to see Mojo Mathers, Barry Coates and Denise Roache miss out for the Greens.
RT @lifesurfer11: @TheBird_Watcher Love every bit of Denise van Outen