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@BigFellaBlue Denard Robinson, plain and simple.
@CDCarter13 @XNSports I'm old enough to have once been impressed by Denard Robinson
Bob Denard : le sultan blanc des Comores Hallucinant je crois que c'est le mot
RT @UofMMoments: November 24th, 2012: Denard Robinson breaks tackles and runs it 67 yards for a TD against Ohio State.
Prisco: "Put Denard at quarterback? If they want a run-pass option just go sign Tim Tebow." JP: "CHILL."
The odd recent history of the Giants and defense-second center fielders: Denard Span was alright in 2016. Pre...
@SiriusXMFantasy @RotoWire happened last year week 15 with Denard Robinson and put me in the finals
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おいおい💦 だから邪魔するなって(笑 iphoneに肉球パンチ連打🐈
2013 Inception Denard Robinson Jacksonville #Jaguars Michigan NIKE Patch Auto 1/1 #NFL
#NFL 2016 Donruss DENARD ROBINSON Press Proof SP #04/50 #Jaguars RB NM - Mt
You may be upset if an authority figure reads you the riot act... More for Cancer
Mga mang iiwan! T^T @shghnx_ at Sir denard T^T
RT @goemon: 今夜は茶々さまがさらわれる!! 家臣は大変です。THOHO...
The odd recent history of the Giants and defense-second center fielders
go bucs Cueto quiets Cards; SF up 1 in WC race: Denard Span lined a two-run single to right... pittsburgh <-city
RT @extrabaggs: Even better when it's not a save situation. Denard Span's two-run single gives Giants a 6-2 lead.
Runnin that NC2A. The last one w/Denard on the cover. The dynasty so real