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@Judy_Dempsey @Carnegie_Europe why always a military NATO head from the US? By now even countries with smaller forces (UK) should be in line
RT @alderamin_game: お待たせいたしました!アルデラミンアプリiOS版配信開始!下記HPまたはストアにて「アルデラミン」と検索☆色紙プレゼントキャンペーン第2弾開催!※本ツイートもキャンペーン対象…
@Judy_Dempsey @Carnegie_Europe The US has always put the US (and US companies) first, they just haven't been so blatant about it. Re Nato
RT @kikuyarou: 王と王子の孔明(エルメロイⅡ世)の使い方講座
RT @vicemergency: Structure fire - Watch&Act for CAMPBELLFIELD. For more info: #vicfires
@dempsey_hss そういえばまだだったね
RT @HukumAneh: #KamiTidakTakut kt tdk takut tp jgn mati konyol. Kl kemaren saat tembak menembak pd ngumpul dan ada bom lg apa gak mati konyol. Be Smart.
My new blog now posted: What #Trump Should Mean for #Europe (3 things EU leaders cld do:more sec, trade, stability
RT @guygamer_tv: YgoPro Ep.4-Mermail and ABC in Tag Duel!!Epic Troll?! : nëpërmjet @YouTube
Dead Poet Society - Dempsey #NowPlaying
RT @bySankah: Flocking Project, projet énorme à faire voir à @RockstarGames Présentation : Max de #RT SVP!
正樹!おめぇ変わったな! どうだ?手を組まないか?
RT @alzi_dulal: Freedom 251: What makes us wary and suspicious about this smartphone
BO以来からの登場だな! 今度はリヒトーフェンがゾンビの支配者に? おいおい冗談はよせw
RT @ImSincerelyFan: @PatrickDempsey @PorscheRaces @TAGHeuer My two idols.. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Dempsey !! INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RT @WWENetwork: Even against #TheBeast @BrockLesnar, the #RKO can come from OUTTA NOWHERE! #WWENetwork #SummerSlam @RandyOrton
RT @PlayHappyClub: @PlayHappyClub Alors, vous allez choisir quoi ? 🙂
@publinie @CelticPhoto @McDaidsPub @CaseyAffleck1 How come the tiles state 1873 just as a matter of interest?
RT @pirateskateey: i wanna travel the world, learn about as much as i can, meet as many people as i can, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the world! :D ♥
RT @SrHunter19: Este sera el inicio de algo hermoso lo prometo...
RT @Arsenal: We're home - and there's nowhere we'd rather be 🔴 #AFCvBFC
RT @AntoDaBoss: Grind like there's no tomorrow 💯