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It would make it fun if I knew that Dempsey and Marshall had a handshake video.
RT @AmyMcGrathKY: List of retired senior officers, who actually can speak out, and have done so that I know of: GEN Dempsey (CJCS)…
RT @SoundersFC: End of an era. The greatest @MLS SuperDraft photo ever taken. ⭐️ @clint_dempsey x @ChadMarshall14 #ThankYouChad
RT @RyanKras: Clint Dempsey on his first goal: "That was Marshall's, I've got to buy him dinner now. Take him to a nice meal."
@tim_dempsey It's actually really good.... Talented like his dad..... 😋
RT @wingatesband: We have a solo cornet vacancy. Seeking applications immediately and hope to have the position filled in time for ou…
RT @persianthoughtz: Why does being in your early 20s feel so much like only having 5 years of your life left in which you need to achie…
@Edwards21Matt I hope this is real man cause shooters have been trash since MW3
@joey_dempsey Oh it would be exactly that lmao
@Edwards21Matt Dawg I'd be like how we grinded MW2 in middle school, but worse
5/23/1892 – Temperance Hall – Pittsfield, MA Referee Jim Duane M.J. Caslin vs Martin Dempsey Attendance: less than 200
RT @shelsfc: Shelbourne FC is inviting applications for Head of Youth Development at the club. Full details ➡️
@joey_dempsey Facts. I would play that TOO MUCH
@Edwards21Matt This would be revolutionary
Patrick Dempsey is such a papiii i love him
@ResidentFOX Grey’s Anatomy had Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey). So who votes we should give Mattie Boy aka. Dr. Con…
RT @SoundersFC: End of an era. The greatest @MLS SuperDraft photo ever taken. ⭐️ @clint_dempsey x @ChadMarshall14 #ThankYouChad
Patrick Dempsey e Ale Borghi avvisate prima di comparire in una foto insieme
RT @pant_leg: always the gay rat bridesmaid never the gay rat bride
RT @mbk_center: Today Yana Antonova was officially charged under Article 284.1 of the Russian Criminal Code. According to the (poli…
RT @homoanxiety: my sister just found a four leaf clover in our backyard. retweet for good luck🍀
RT @MarkHertling: My dear friend and combat battlebuddy @Martin_Dempsey is rarely this pointed and direct, publicly. This statement…