Dell XPS M1530's battery won't charge and plugg in

Just a few days ago, my Dell XPS M1530 battery won't charge, and it doesn't recognise the laptop charger adapter.At desktop, it says "0% available (plugged in, not charging). When I boot it up and enter setup (F2 at the DELL spash screen), it doesn't recognise my adapter (D series, the very same one supplied with the laptop, and which it has recognised for more than a year up until now), and mentions that my "battery has experienced a permanent failure and needs to be replaced".I get no error message while booting normally either, simply the "0%" icon in the task tray in Vista. The battery status LED on the front of the laptop is flashing red, as if to say the Dell INSPIRON 2600 Battery is simply undercharged.. but the battery just won't charge! I've left my laptop off and plugged in for 2 days, and it hasn't charged the battery.It turns on just fine with the apple a1036 adapter plugged in and battery removed, the same with the battery installed. I've checked all the contacts on the battery and adapter, they are clean and not broken. I don't have any other adapters or laptops to test with.. when I run the self help diagnostic tool (in the Dell Support Center), it just turns my laptop of as there is zero power. I'm unsure as to whether I need a new AC adapter or battery.. I'm really hoping it's not the motherboard.When I told such things to my friend who once have the same problem about laptop Battery, he asked me whether my battery is probably just past the one year warranty, his laptop Battery is doing essentially the same thing at only 15 months old. I think Dell purchased a batch of cheap laptop Battery that were engineered to fail outside of the warranty. The whole "battery life depends on your usage" argument just doesn't wash.I have used my XPS in the same ways as my wife has used her Inspiron and her battery lasted four years. This seems to be a widespread problem for XPS owners- funny, considering this is supposed to be one of the high end Dell laptops. I think Dell owes all of us new batteries. If they meant to sell us a one year XPS M1530 battery, then they should have said so when I was configuring my laptop for purchase. I feel taken advantage of as a consumer. Dell has lost my business until they rectify this.TrackBack URL

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