RT @SadGyalCries: Degrassi - Manny Thong's scene 💙💙
RT @PoundSignDead: Yo @netflix can we get the original "Degrassi" seasons please?
@KALlEDOSCOPE ever since he was on Degrassi boiiii
Yo @netflix can we get the original "Degrassi" seasons please?
Mad random but yo I was mad when they killed my son JT York on "Degrassi"
Please get the old episodes of Degrassi @netflix
Started from Degrassi now we here, started from Degrassi now my whole team fuckin here
Well duh y'all ain't ever seen degrassi ? boys basketball career died in season 4 he's has to live that dream someh…
Now I want to do a Degrassi marathon
RT @CP24Breakfast: You can't help but smile when @BaileeMadison AND #Degrassi stars @TheAnaGolja and @TinyRWalters walked the #WEDay r…
why isn't the real Degrassi on Netflix yet??
RT @hollingsjerk: Deaths and pregnancies degrassi feels like home again!!!!
estoy por empezar degrassi pero ya viendo los títulos de los caps presiento q no me va a gustar
@aslutley @thevalmercado looks like that nerd from degrassi just bagging 5 star bitches
lola de degrassi es argentina😮💜
I love Degrassi
i'm so proud of myself i just hummed the degrassi next class theme song without help
RT @DegrassiOnline: I love this more than anything. Happy #SpiritDay everyone!
RT @degrassi_source: Degrassi Snapchat: We Day Toronto 2016
RT @Degrassi_Blog: A new series of Degrassi webisodes have launched with PSAs about teen issues