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The day Degrassi comes to Netflix will be the happiest day of my life. Show is fire 🔥
@NutriaAtomica Did you ever see the time he was on degrassi and insisted on hearing the students say aboot to him?
@gigigoregous_ hopefully. I already had a run in with degrassi gossip or whatever it is
RT @uglynewyork: Stop these games and upload all of Degrassi. .@netflix
RT @uglynewyork: Stop these games and upload all of Degrassi. .@netflix
RT @uglynewyork: Stop these games and upload all of Degrassi. .@netflix
Let's welcome our newest student. @MaddieH_xox welcome to degrassi. 😘
The guy who raped Paige on Degrassi is a creep in this lifetime movie and omg ugh ew
it's literally going to be degrassi like im so. like. fucking. STOP IT
Degrassi needs to be put on Netflix or Hulu or something cause I've been in the mood to binge
RT @Psettle_: Watching @Drake on degrassi<3
I'm watching degrassi again.....whateVER IT TAKES I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH
@RareConscience even Degrassi is being a lil more progressive than this. They got a hijabi character AND a darkskinned girl! Keep up @Marvel
this degrassi on netfix is interesting
was trying to study but instead ate like a whole box of wheat thins and watched 679 million episodes of degrassi an…
On the ninth day of Christmas @Degrassi gave to me, a new episode of Degrassi Next Class. 😉 #Degrassi returns in January only on @netflix.
Tfw @shanedawson appears on @Degrassi thru social media haha
Y'all can barely handle producing U.K. Shows, yall are gonna make it some cheesy Degrassi version I swear some Drag…
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amanda: pretend to care about degrassi me: gets into a twitter fight w/ a cast member amanda: noT LIKE THAT
RT @_faaaaded_: Marco from Degrassi is seeing Mariah tonight. Love him.
RT @Chel5eaClark: If you Google "@netflix @Degrassi" you now see: "Watch Degrassi: Next Class Online | Netflix Season 3 Coming January 6." < 1 month away!
Watching the first episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation 😭😭#mychildhood
Sean > JT > Craig > Spinner #degrassi