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I know this question is over a decade late, but do you think Yugi ever changed to Yami when he needed to reach the top shelf?
RT @RetroBaltimore: From the priceless to the painful: Top Baltimore sports moments by decade.
RT @anniv_style_GR: 2015年の今日10月25日は「GRANRODEO 10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE 2015 G10 ROCK☆SHOW -RODEO DECADE-」が幕張メッセ国際展示場 1~3ホールにて行われました。
Neil Young ~ A Man Needs A Maid from the album Decade (Disc 2) [1977]
腕に収まった頬を攫って、柔らかなキス。間近な睫毛が緩慢に揺れる。欠伸がひとつ。漏れた忍び笑いに長谷部が額をすり寄せた。 「すまん」 「いいよ、今日はもう寝よう」 「ん。……明日は、したい」 無理強いする程飢えてもいない。ただ、この安息だけを守り通せたら。 「うん。……おやすみ」
Infographics Are Still Booming: In less than a decade, infographics have evolved from basic charts and graphs...
RT @InvestmentWeek: Is this 'the beginning of the end' for multi-decade bond bull run?
RT @DrewMcWeeny: Based on that look on his face, we have about a decade until his mutant army takes over the world.
"I didn't know that i was starving til I tasted you."
A decade-long commitment to antimicrobial resistance surveillance in Portugal
Decade of edges & decade of rich
RT @HEMPxxx: California arrested nearly half a million people for pot over the past decade - The Washington Post #YESon64
#BBC lost phone numbers and bank account details in 169 data breaches over the past decade #datasecurity
RT @tobeymonster: Ladies and gentlemen, the only artist in the world with FOUR #1 albums on Billboard's album chart this decade, Lady…
RT @TSwiftDailyNews: "It was the end of a decade but the start of an age." Thank you for 10 incredible years! Here's to the next 10!…
Moved to Detroit over a decade ago to work with this family and now they are my family.…
RT @FGMR: Silver is still building a huge multi-decade base expressing itself as a mammoth “cup & handle” chart pattern.…
RT @LibertysHeroes: The Obama Admin/Pentagon has gone insane for demanding soldiers repay $15K+ bonuses for serving longer. Insane!
@BBCBreaking A decade too late.
@StevenAubrey2 @BeanieJeanatjax @realDonaldTrump He had a decade in the spotlight hosting a lame game show and a lame show on golf channel.
RT @dinastavola: Wow @BonJovi returns to @sternshow he's been a 3 decade guest! That's so amazing! You know only @HowardStern makes even non-fans into fans!