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I've seen how USA-Free-money has a way of making one believe they are entitled-after Decade(s) "on the dole". #RealDeal, #SAD
@WION_now it may sound insensitive but Pakistanis deserve this. You are killing Indians for decade. It's good you seeing blood on your soil.
RT @Bkstg: Where it all began. Celebrate a decade of @justinbieber on YouTube 🎥 #10YearsOfKidrauhl
Proposals to bring Ladywell Playtower back into use after a decade being sought @thevicsoc #theht
RT @SnellLaw: Pennsylvania woman posed as lawyer for decade, named partner, authorities say via the @FoxNews Android app
RT @roshovani: #Smart tech results #millennials to lead a Tech-Defined life! This is against #Humanrights, After a decade only few…
너무 귀찮은거 많이하고... 빼도 문제 없을거 많이보이는데 왜 하는지 정말 모르겠다
1st decade: wow, you're so smart! 2nd decade: you're too blunt/aggressive! Now in my 3rd decade, I know how to lead…
I have been seeing a therapist and psychiatrist for a decade. Hospitalized three times. But I found a team who really understand me.
For at least the decade I've been old enough to drink a lot of rock venues have had unisex bathrooms without proble…
집에 가게 해줬으면 좋겠어... 나 이런 곳에 오래 있으면 머리아프고 토할 것 같단 말이야ㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 쿵쾅거리면 정말 죽을 것 같ㅌㅇ아..
Bowie from 70s-80s-90s is fucking crazy. How is someone so good, then so bad for a decade, then goes right back to being great again
RT @RTaylor_LibDem: Not a shock if you've spoken to anyone in #socialcare sector in last decade....
Techno, turbofolk en NAVO-bommen: foto's van het decennium dat #Servië voor altijd veranderde via @vicenl
RT @Maurice5589: Im tired of people complaining for almost a decade because of the fact that Chris Brown still has a career.It wont change,shut up already!
엘소드 모바게.........?
RT @commoncausemn: MN's redistricting has been set by MN Sup.Ct. EACH decade excpt for 1x in 1970s. Legislators haven't been able to d…
RT @4eajt: ストリートファイター5、格闘ゲームのはずなのに今一番研究されてる内容がコンボやキャラ対策じゃなくて、いかに対戦前のロード時間を減らせるかなのが凄い
@TESOnline @YouTube The last seconds of that trailer kept me speechless. Been waiting for this for more than a decade.
Hillcrest softball: Female athletes argue for a 'field of our own': A decade ago, a Title IX……