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RT @gordorichardson: Successful first decade for @CStanleyExeter reflects city's thriving economy
RT @IshitaRay11: [Video] Aishwarya Rai Bachchan felicitated with Vogue Influencer Of The Decade At #VogueWomenOfTheYear Awards.❤️👸🏻
RT @ENGlobalEurope: ElNella an inspirational tandem of decade @SuperElmo @superjanella - #PushAwardsElNellas all video & photos used ct…
RT @Sarraonet: #ภาษาอังกฤษ " Noun " 📍Decade = ทศวรรษ (10ปี) 📍Century = ศตวรรษ(100ปี) 📍Bicentennial =ครบรอบ200ปี 📍 Millennium = สหัสวรรษ(1000ปี)
The Future Laboratory: ‘Coffee and cocktail culture set to explode over the next decade’ via @FoodNavigator
RT @ToscaAusten: @RogerJStoneJr McCain gave us Obama in 2008. A decade later McCain seals America's fate by saving O's legacy...and…
RT @anne_clarke: I saw @BarnetTories in Cricklewood today. I hope they didn't trip over this regular flytipping point which they've…
It takes us a decade after a tech appears to develop a social consensus on what it means & what etiquette we need t…
RT @HSBC: India could become the world’s third largest economy within a decade, thanks to recent reforms #HSBCresearch
RT @Shifty: Halo 3 just turned a decade old.. RT to bless someone's timeline with the nostalgia. 🎮
RT @musicnewsfact: Little Mix have now sold over 30 MILLION records worldwide. This officially makes them the best selling western gi…
RT @WhitechapelBand: Who has their tickets for A Decade of Defilement? Get yours at:
RT @rani_prabhakar: Damm the Super Couple of decade.😍❤ They shoot so many scene's to together.👏😍😭❤ #KRPKAB #ShaRica
RT @Left_of_Labor: Entering half a decade of #Liberal rule: Gas prices will rise and there's not much we can do to stop it #auspol
That year I turned eighteen. From 'The Goonies' to 'The Breakfast Club,' How Youth-Oriented Film Peaked in 1985
This explains why I don't remember the decade of the 70s.
I’ve difficulty reconciling the idea of #Aspergers as a gift with the suffering it (maybe lack of dx) gave me for decade. #AustralianStory
@Gigasrex @jetpenguin @ItsSalJr @AmySM55 @ABC @NHL It's only been in the last decade or so that hockey has spread t…
News: CSU’s Seehofer starts questioning decade olds partnership between CDU/CSU #Finance #Markets #News #FX #Forex
RT @vocalgodkth: bitch artist of the year artist of the decade artist of the millenium
The Moon Landing Was the Television Event of the Decade
It's been almost 15 years ago since #AVMatrix was born! What have we been up to for a decade and a half?!… CSU’s Seehofer starts questioning decade olds partnership between CDU/CSU