Aku adalah orang yang terasing dalam sepi tapi duniaku pernah di kelilingi oleh orang-orang yang lebih mengerti tentang sebuah makna kehidupan, oleh karena itu aku selalu ingin menjadi yang terbaik diantara yang baik, seperti mereka yang melahirkan ilmu yang bermanfaat bagi umat manusia dan mereka tidak pernah mati walau raga nya telah tiada..Aku adalah Miftahudin Ansori..

RT @BartBaker: WHAT SIDE 2 SIDE IS REALLY ABOUT! Watch the FULL Parody here - @ArianaGrande @NICKIMINAJ…
@MileyCyrus Do you know about two Russian bitches who kills dogs and cats? They mock them for photos on the net.They cut off puppy's eyes
RT @HalleyBorderCol: Crooked campaign talking about undermining Benghazi hearings and confusing voters by conflating Benghazi and emails…
RT @PandaReactions: when you about to leave the house but your parents caught you
RT @ralphmarston: Let go of conflicting thoughts about how life is supposed to be. Live life simply and purely as you choose to be.
RT @hamilbots: Where are you taking me? I’m about to change your life. Then by all means, lead the way.
The worst thing about having Vestibular Neuroitis is that I don't have a gun to shoot myself in the face!!
Tonight is about to be so lit @RebeccaAskins
@alliecmart yeah not lying about what I am doing. Lol
#infosec : Job ad asks for 'detrimental' sysadmin - Yep. That sounds about right Honesty in job ads is rarity. ...
Today I feel optimistic. I have hope in my heart. How about you? #motivation #inspiration #hope #quote
RT @PalwashaKhan18: What a sad sad day about to dawn, 30 plus fellow citizens laid down their lives tonight! Mourning my countrymen but how many times! #Quetta
RT @artsemergency: Invited to parliament to talk about our work. Just 800 people fund it. Pls share & support!
@kevinwxgg and we talked about one's gonna start calling you "The Hawk" either...that's Andre Dawson HOF.
RT @SalemFangirl: @jayrmonty @timothy_gh O Sorry about Google Play,feel free to visit my IG @salemgirl I'll be updating there lots of international fans.
A bunch of Iowa farmers were griping about Gov't debt. Two min later they were griping about lower Gov't subsidies. @cspanwj
They are dreaming about grizzly bears in California – CNN Worldwide
RT @scamtivity: I ain't got nothing to be worried about coz it looks like animals are only targeting white people
RT @GicheruGicheru: Son, they want you to be honest about how much you have for a date so they know if to schedule the next date after 3 hours or 20 minutes
RT @bacatattoo: fat ppl: i have a hard time existing bc of societies misconception about fatness + body idealism thin person: as a…
Should retailers be optimistic about the 2016 holiday shopping season? 8 retail experts weigh-in: