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RT @CNN: These before-and-after photos show Mexico City prior to the quake, and the damage left behind…
RT @ActualidadRT: Así es María en acción: El huracán arrastra a una corresponsal de CNN en pleno directo (VIDEO)…
RT @tsuda: 米大統領選や仏大統領選でフェイクニュースやプロパガンダブログを量産する業者の存在が海外で注目→  されたけど、既に日本もそうなってる訳ね。
@SparkleSoup45 @clivesay80 @CNN @steph93065 @Hoosiers1986 @DonnaWR8 @GartrellLinda @NIVIsa4031 @crusher614…
RT @cnn_co_jp: もしも書き直すことができるなら・・・
It works! A supercomputer built for Earth is running just fine in space
Trump praises nonexistent African country's health care @CNNAfrica
RT @CNNent: Started from the bottom, now we're here @bts_bighit @USBTSARMY
RT @CNNent: Started from the bottom, now we're here @bts_bighit @USBTSARMY
RT @ElizLanders: On @CNN, HR McMaster asked if "Rocket Man" name is helpful: "Well it got everybody's attention. And we needed to get everybody's attention"
RT @CNN: Puerto Rico took such a severe blow from Hurricane #Maria that restoring power may take months, the governor says…
#Millennials will now have their own #airline. Here is how the airline is catering to the #generation:
RT @IrisRimon: Maybe CNN can start tell people what's in this abomination murder bill instead of talking about dumb politics?
RT @joshadair: @CNN So Trump was right all along??
RT @jaketapper: Preet Bharara on why Donald Trump fired him
RT @Really_FUBAR: @RickA85876728 @CNN 😂😂😂
RT @Jack0Spades: Which is why CNN hasn't been shut down.
RT @deadoninspect: @NolteNC STOP!!! You can't use truth on CNN. That's just not fair. They don't use it so you can't use it to call them out
@Romag_CNN (입이 삐쭉 나와 있던 소년은 이내 네가 맛있는걸 사준다는 말에 메뉴판으로 쪼르르 달려가 너를 불러)저기 미안한데요.. 제가 붕대 때문에 눈이 잘 안 보여서 그런데 커피말구 아무거나 시켜주시면 안될까요?
RT @spanishcvndy: I'm here for a good time, not a long time
RT @waltshaub: Was going to announce Friday. I've signed as a CNN contributor, and looks like I'll be in VERY good company with th…
RT @CNNent: Started from the bottom, now we're here @bts_bighit @USBTSARMY
RT @CNNent: Started from the bottom, now we're here @bts_bighit @USBTSARMY
RT @tedlieu: No one is above the law, not even @POTUS. That was the principle upheld by the American people during Watergate.
RT @naretevduorp: Goodbye Jeffrey Lord, hello @PreetBharara - Looks like @CNN has dumped a liar in favor of a brilliant lawyer!