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WELL DESERVED @deadmau5 this album breathes life back into my bones 😍👌🏻🔥
@deadmau5 Maybe because your album is so well thought out.
Where all the haters now??? Lol
the bass being delivered from @deadmau5 new album is shaking my whole house. and its on low.. amazeballssss
@deadmau5 dedication pal. I will always support your art
@deadmau5 goes to show that people actually enjoy authentic real electronic music still
@deadmau5 looks like your bills are gonna get paid
RT @ana_cee: All these little molly kids are gonna be so disappointed asking their friends "where is the drop?" When they go see Deadmau5 lol
@deadmau5 praise baphomet. (Congrats dude)
@deadmau5 don't underestimate trump's effect.
@deadmau5 no magic, it's a damn good album! Got it today, on repeat! GREAT work!
@deadmau5 why are you so impressed? Have you seen your fan-base? We actually buy your shit, mau5
@deadmau5 And you still think it was bad, god damn