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@EA Either make a new Dead Space to tie up 3's shit ending or close your doors for good.
@Neubadah Brain dead people running NASA = 🚀 scientists that don’t believe in science. How is Jesus going to get us into space?
Left hella dead space on the invite as if it isn’t poster making 101 but 🤷🏽‍♀️
Tykkäsin @YouTube-videosta Dead Space 2 - Part 4
Check out let's play Dead Space part 6, now live! @YTRetweets @GamerRetweetNow
@ManyATrueNerd I had never played dead space before but knew you were making somw wild jumps based on cliches which…
Трудности перевода. Dead Space 2 с помощью @YouTube
RT @BRADIO_YUKI: 明日のライブでも BRADIOの音が皆様の心に響きますように。 僕達を知らない人達が1人でも多くBRADIOを好きになってくれますように。 なぜそんな事を思うかってゆうと、 僕はBRADIOのドラマーだからです。 気持ちはみんなと共にあります。 いつも通りという幸せを噛み締めて!
@ryuuenh I am....and mine is "dead" too since i left because i needed space from some people there...
03 Kick the Baby - Chapter 2a - Dead Space: via @YouTube
Мне понравилось видео "Dead Space 2 (3 Серия) USG Ишимура" ( на @YouTube.
The Grateful Dead pays tribute to Edgar Allan Poe in “Raven Space”
RT @ThatCousinVinny: I need Dead Space Remastered asap!! One of my favorite games ever. Hey @EA please? help a brotha out and make it ha…
Líbí se mi video @YouTube Dead Space 2 - Part 4
#Femail - Viewers aghast as animal lover who STUFFED his dead dog, Mitch Byers, from Por...
All the Dead Space fans, determined to let me know the plot is more complex than I thought.
@zloygik @un_deaddy прикинь если мясо мутируется, открваеш холд а там сидит какойто некроморф из dead space он смот…
Сегодня с другом решили вспомнить молодость и поиграть "Dead Space". Он играл, а я просто смотрела, жуя пиццу с креветками.
@destroy_robots Fair enough... My Twitter handle is obviously my name. The '113' comes from a much loved guy at sch…