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@TheDaveKlein smashing it as always ....Dead Space - Dave Control Super Show via @YouTube
@ChaosMLP And now dead space pie
Os recuerdo que hoy a eso de las 19:30/20:00 (hora española) voy a hacer un directo de Dead Space con un traje de l…
RT @AUTOMATONJapan: 【ニュース】『Dead Space 2』は400万本売っても十分ではなかった。元開発スタッフが当時の厳しさを振り返る
I think we need to get our AV team some of this sweet muzak (and lights!) to use in the dead space before our Campu…
The "Dead Space" theme sounds an awful lot like music from "The Mummy". Again, my life comes full circle.…
RT @ashleylynch: Going back and playing through the Dead Space series because fuck you, that's why.
DeadSpaceMouseFix Mod v1.0 Released ! Modder starting work on Dead Space 2. This mod just got updated, gets rid of…
Makes me really wish for the alternate universe where EA didn't force them to ruin Dead Space 3.
RT @orgullogamer: Dead Space 2 - Parte 5 - Hacia el nodo de transporte: vía @YouTube
Dead Space 2 [Part 12] Getting Past The Chargers!: via @YouTube
@CrimzonNilkad I just finished replaying Dead Space the other day, and going through DS2 again now the contrast is…
This game is better than Dead Space 1 in pretty much every way.
Shockingly, I'm actually getting pretty spooked in Dead Space 2. I'm playing in short bursts because, while fun, it's pretty stressful.
"LESS AND LESS MEANINGFUL" You fuckers shut viceral when Dead Space reboot would have made my live service hard.
Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: Let's Play Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road German - Part 11 - DEAD SPACE
@Baumeister_EU 6/10 Avec un pti Dead Space > Resident Evil 4 Et/ou un pti Crash team Racing > Mario Kart c'était au moins le 8
RT @BenBajarin: I also came to prefer apps that were optimized to those that were not. The dead black space was felt wasted. Exampl… - Dead Space 3 Coop Let's Play Episode 20 | CRASH ON A NEW PLANET/ A LOT OF SNOW!!!!!!! Me…
RT @YourMDSays: Kung may anatomic dead space ang baga. Bakit ang puso kong patay na patay sayo'y wala. 🙃
Dead Space - Walkthrough Part 1 - [No Commentary]: per @YouTube
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Dead Space - Walkthrough Part 1 - [No Commentary]
@ashleylynch "Ergo, you like Dead Space." How about just show me some cool footage from the game?
@ashleylynch It's a false tautology. "All moms don't like Dead Space. You have a mom. Your mom doesn't like Dead Sp…