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#WhatStrengthLooksLike Rahni, aka The DC Sniper, was unexpectedly released from VUU after a historic season but.. https://t.co/wQSULCITym
RT @KallMe_Kris: the DC sniper...we were all bored missing recess and staying in the house https://t.co/AmWXnInTC7
the DC sniper...we were all bored missing recess and staying in the house https://t.co/AmWXnInTC7
Crying at the DC Sniper accuracy https://t.co/xSigeS0fTy
@manofvalor78 @SiMeneses Why did the Black DC Sniper get taken alive? Because he surrendered. That's the difference.
🤔 wonder if niggas ever balled wit da DC sniper ? 😹 #wrongbutfunny #iwasrollin 😹 https://t.co/wKd6eUgNGQ
Please tell me the guy sexing the #McChicken is white. I'll be more hurt than I was about the DC sniper being black.
@classynogin He Needed to be shot on the spot , But he gave up Like the black DC sniper who lived
@IArgueSports @_datpiff37 I don't think so , there is a double standard...like the DC sniper , he did random shootings ...
@wish_masta Not as many as the DC sniper which was mostly Black On white Murder which is not the case in Columbine https://t.co/8LX0aPjK5e
McChicken, Hamrambe & the DC sniper https://t.co/h3VCZjkSWg
@centrist209 @Alex__Katz @RubinReport @NiceMangos let's talk about how he hasn't condemned the dc sniper as well. Run along.
The same way the DC sniper is still alive - he gave himself up https://t.co/GBh0vF1DBB
one of the guns being raffled by @UnitedWay is a Bushmaster, same type used in Newtown massacre & DC sniper killings https://t.co/ZP4qIPUnUj
Watching American Gangster.. DC sniper this shit brazy
@ProfKCW @USA_FREEDOM_NOW @ManuelNetzero where r the protests for mass shooters? #IDIOT. Last I looked the DC sniper mass killers were black
DC Sniper, that dude in Dallas? We just be killing with purpose. Why we gotta be better even when we shouldn’t
the DC sniper literally killed someone in the joanns parking lot but why wasn't it me
The DC sniper such a horrific crime spree watching the story on foxtel 😱
My Last Rt More Accurate Than The DC Sniper 😭💯
@eldiariodedross Escuchaste hablar del Francotirador de Washington(DC Sniper)? Un caso policial apasionante.Te lo recomiendo para un video.
@AskPlayStation My son has agoraphobia and his PS4 Live is his life. His agoraphobia started after the DC Sniper incidents.