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Ice Storm Warning for Greater Portland Metro Area, Oregon - https://t.co/imJ2gwigrg @weatherchannel https://t.co/Yow2ccV8aW
自転車安全利用啓発の促進に関する協定の締結式を開催|東京都 協定締結式 日時 平成29年1月17日(火曜日)午後4時20分から午後4時30分まで 場所 都庁第一本庁舎7階 中会議室 https://t.co/8Owpcue8YC
Delhi Metro please try to make halt at stations for waiting to pass the train from opposite direction in between Central Secretariat to ITO
Yoo @teddywalton next up fr... metro who?
RT @VIVAcoid: Program Andalan Ahok Disetop, RT Tak Dapat Insentif Lagi https://t.co/G3zgLzhjxn
RT @MetrroBoomin: When you're not sure who Metro trusts https://t.co/0cgQnkX5X2
RT @saucedupkd: 2 months, 5 months, 7 months.. yeah my boy is getting big 🤘🏼 young metro not looking so young anymore https://t.co/xtigPOXjHT
RT @LeftAtLondon: just made a mashup of Metro Stations "Shake It" & DRAM+Yachty's "Broccoli." I took a sleeping pill 30 minutes ago I… https://t.co/ig1Cg2p1qg
RT @UstadTengku: Ongky Eltron Hina"BIBIB"dan Puji Gus Dur Diadukan Persatuan Majelis Taklim, Langsung Ditangkap Polisi Dumai Riau(Po… https://t.co/I40te3xgmZ
@ArvindKejriwal if you have so much time to tweet kindly tweet to your department for betterment of Delhi & Delhi metro
RT @MetrroBoomin: When you're not sure who Metro trusts https://t.co/0cgQnkX5X2
No me falta nada, pero hay un hueco, en cada barra, en cada asiento del metro, en cada fiesta, que se me hace raro.
RT @lgbtkendrick: i really hope young metro doesn't trust me bc i want to die
RT @AnanthKumar_BJP: Overwhelmed that my voters trusted me and helped me deliver on Metro, Intl Airport and now Suburban Rail for #Bengaluru. Feeling thankful3/n
@starlitsky_rin そーりなぁ(≡>ω<≡)
下水排除基準(東京都23区内) https://t.co/7wGNRePVe2
Lunch with proxy b(ae)r! 🐻🍽 (@ Burgoo in Quezon City, Metro Manila) https://t.co/pGC72HRZK3 https://t.co/kClQB7hzsL
Inician obras para evitar inundaciones en estación del Metro La Paz #CDMX https://t.co/B8mG5PXbTo
#Berita: Dua Saksi Tak Hadir, Bripda Agung Dapat Giliran Pertama https://t.co/gWwIrMbYwW
Amikos Siento que ya no vendere pepitas en el Metro 🦄 https://t.co/n04g5oxTj0