RT @girlgroupzone: [PRESS] 170120 SNSD's Seohyun on the way to Music Bank rehearsal https://t.co/Z1YatD6w7W
The only things that really matter in life are other people and music.
"I hate this music, it sounds like military dictatorship music" says @shakofilm while 'don't stop believing' is playing
かずがまこいい人そうだって いい人…(真顔)
RT @RelatableLMJ: Me on a date* Me: do you like fifth harmony My date: no they make such trash music Me: *shoving spaghetti into my purse* i have to leave
@DanaPerino My dad would have loved it. WWII vet & very patriotic. He loved military music especially Sousa. We gre… https://t.co/LnCkwP1aeU
RT @PopCravings: Ariana Grande looks amazing in her dress, possibly for the "Beauty And The Beast" music video with John Legend for… https://t.co/3zMG3wYWzv
RT @EXOSUHOMAMA: [OFFICIAL] 170120 SUHO - STAFF DIARY : 2017 '26th SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS' https://t.co/20UrxOkY2n https://t.co/lCK9C4QBwt
RT @lordjape: Just want a shorty who gon be loyal and turn up to trap music with me
RT @voteforEXOTH: 170119 #EXO คำพูดขอบคุณตอนได้รับรางวัลแดซังในงาน Seoul Music Awards 🏆🏆🏆 https://t.co/d4Yz1gtQN0
RT @awkwardposts: When you're already sad so you put on sad music to help make u even more sadder https://t.co/IoMYnu4Mvi
RT @natekgarner: I listen to music more then I listen to people
RT @6PAPl: young thug has the most creative music video i've ever seen https://t.co/ZX3otWXHDH
RT @MonsterMusic: Nita Strauss debuts her new music video for "Pandemonium", fueled by @MonsterEnergy https://t.co/CNQJmzqmsJ https://t.co/ysVAyTr0H9
RT @BangtanMozao: 'BTS ganhou quase todos os prêmios no 2017 Seoul Music Awards' Cr.https://t.co/N37EXs0sgR https://t.co/3dvYBpK2CO
4 awards in one night. Best music video, best dance performance, best album, 본상. Proud is an understatement 🏆 https://t.co/gxypTqUmyq
RT @unclutching: music taste is important idc
RT @PopCrave: The music video for Little Mix's hit single 'Touch' will be released at midnight UK time! #TouchMusicVideo https://t.co/si1gCUXGU9
Is it me or is #mumblerap just a bunch of dope head music?
#MAGA What a night! How beautiful were those fireworks?! Inspiring. Do catch a replay if you missed the fireworks and music.
#Firstplay: "Radian - Glastonbury 2002" by Air on BBC Radio 6 Music (#BBC6Music)
RT @4everKelz: When ur sad and listen to sad music on purpose just so u can be even more sad https://t.co/m5dmoLI1G4
RT @natekgarner: I listen to music more then I listen to people
RT @ohgirIquotes: I want a relationship where we can act like idiots, talk about the most random stuff, share music, and never get tired of each other
RT @BESTFRIEND_92: 170119 Seoul Music Award #EXO อยู่ด้วยกันแล้วเป็นแบบนี้ตลอดเลย พากันขำกันตั้งแต่งานเริ่มจนงานจบ 🐶😆❤ #ชานยอล… https://t.co/Ivha7x0jrS