RT @nytimesmusic: BTS takes a different approach to K-pop on its new EP: ease https://t.co/SoD9COhHPH https://t.co/AJtsItiY7m
@BeyKite @PopCrave @ladygaga There's no rules to be in the music industry and there's no standards that defines sin… https://t.co/LjpWYTXFT9
RT @Music_Polls2017: Who had the better Song & Music Video? RT - 'Dusk Till Dawn' - Zayn ft. Sia Like - 'Too Much To Ask' - Niall Horan https://t.co/EFFWC7l9Ff
RT @BTS__COMEBACK: BTS arriving at MUSIC BANK today! LIVE STREAM at 5PM KST: ;(https://t.co/6k5TzNuVy6) https://t.co/yNbhewkYEO
RT @yihojean: if my music ever gets played on a Kardashians or jenners Snapchat I would actually fucking break down and cry dude. It would be surreal
RT @CryMeAnEXO: RT if you're still stanning EXO in this day and age and not missing any good music because EXO always release an am… https://t.co/r1CFUIb8CH
Ah comunque il motivo pr cui non mi arrivava la copia de i Fratelli Karamazov è che l'edizione che volevo non è più disponibile *sad music*
RT @jesserutherford: so much music to show you. i know the wait has been "HARD" (😏😉🤷‍♂️) but now it's time to RELEEEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!!
RT @taehyungbase: BTS arriving at Music Bank! Cr.Babykookie V.BTS__COMEBACK. https://t.co/eotv5Qqmm4
New Music Alert 'Mama' by thekingkaka. A song about Celebration of all mothers. Video Link on… https://t.co/JVvTm0M37R
RT @Mare3097: MCountdown pre-voting is now open. Counts for music show wins & triple crown. Vote for BTS with multiple accounts I… https://t.co/eRdSaTEgdj
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/MBW15Ysbl9 Croosh - Wun (Official Music Video)
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/5uHAxLg3B7 Ice Nine Kills - Communion of the Cursed (Official Music Video)
RT @natalie_mu: 天月-あまつき-、冬はホールで“やりたい放題” https://t.co/Heb0UHMiSx
RT @btsanalytics: [!] @BTS_twt 'DNA' MV is now the fastest K-pop music video to hit 40M+ views. 📈 In less than 4 days. https://t.co/3asF7PK262
RT @VMexico_: [PREV📷] 170921 KBS Music Bank #BTS #뷔 #김태형 #방탄소년단 #태태 #🐯 Tae saludando a #ARMY © logo || Susu❤🐯 https://t.co/khkpbHPTza
RT @BTS__COMEBACK: BTS arriving at MUSIC BANK today! LIVE STREAM at 5PM KST: ;(https://t.co/6k5TzNuVy6) https://t.co/yNbhewkYEO
RT @TheShadyFacts: Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are the only female artists to have 3 music videos over 900 million views from one e… https://t.co/23zgGqt2kn
RT @btscambiomivida: 🍇La transmisión de Music Bank será a las 3:00am (CDMX) 🍇 Links:⬇ 1.▶ https://t.co/fSD3KJh0qt 2. ▶… https://t.co/tWZBdFVpDx
Getting me in the mood for the long weekend 💃What a JAM! 📌Check it out here ---> https://t.co/TKBqoxG7WT cc @tum_elo 😍😍
RT @WileyUpdates: Ya see the youth,Let them do their music in peace.Don't hate on them and don't diss them.We had our https://t.co/rC2iJOFecY it's their turn.
@curo_music 秋めっちゃ好きです そうなんですよ、下が寒すぎて呪いたいです
@RockoFPS Best part of music is how you can like at least bits of every genre imo. Gospel to metal there's so much… https://t.co/0Fv6gU5MDb