RT @TunnelroadUS: Oh the pain Could I one moment backwards go And sit with you awhile I'd reminisce the jazz What you loved unending… https://t.co/8ti35ilfvc
RT @IZONE_TH: [💡] IZ*ONE Comback Show เตรียมออกอากาศทั่วโลก ในวันที่ 1 เม.ย. เวลา 19:00 น. (KST) หรือ 17:00 น. (ไทย) ทาง Mnet, M2… https://t.co/G3yxPKUlwX
RT @ajaqueen: I’m also not ashamed to admit my Australian tour is not selling well rn. I don’t have too much pride to admit that… https://t.co/jxxGlk8eRH
@paipai_taisa よっしーおはよ
RT @abbylaila_: Nobody: Me: gonna listen to sad music and be sad again
RT @thelastrm: people who listen to songs in a single language are so weak. imagine letting something as trivial as language stop… https://t.co/zCoWdTjdWd
RT @Mng406: ฝากเอ็นดู​ ซงยูบิน​ วง​ Myteen จากค่าย​ Music works ด้วยนะคะ​ น้องน่ารัก​สดใส​ เหมือนยู้กหมา​😍 #PRODUCE_X101… https://t.co/oyA120lYQH
RT @thelioma_meso: "My heart is a clarinet. Black with holes that commerce cannot fix" is LITERALLY my life as a music major. https://t.co/fj08dvcCi4
デイリー音楽ランキング(2019.03.21〜2019.03.22) 1位「sweetest love」 1位になった理由は?? →https://t.co/0DQ9AbsEiG #ついラン調べ Sweetest Love… https://t.co/HXAyiD30WO
RT @mnet101boys: [1] 픽 (Peak) Agency: Chandelier Music Age: 19 Blood Type: A Height: 186cm Weight: 71kg Trainee Period: 6 months Hob… https://t.co/SaehoGaWcQ
RT @qtpiebyunbaek: 190321 BAEKHYUN PUBG LIVE Baekhyun said he liked singing since he was young and would perform during school festiv… https://t.co/wqVvh2Ul8X
RT @My_Naition: niggas said music hit different when you sneak dissing the person in the car😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
RT @Shortyyduwop: You won’t really appreciate his music if you’re unfamiliar with The culture of Florida. https://t.co/VATYDQUllQ
I just voted for Singularity (BTS's V) in the 14th Annual #SoompiAwards – the largest international awards honoring… https://t.co/5LDUbpymaS
RT @Douglas_Aldrich: Have you watched the "Face The Music" video yet? It's the title track to the new Burning Rain album, which is out… https://t.co/isIlmrjoSf
RT @mnet101boys: [9] 이진우 (Lee Jin Woo) Agency: Maroo Entertainment Age: 16 Blood Type: A Height: 172cm Weight: 60.9kg Trainee Period… https://t.co/dJbNL8M4St
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RT @5Hanayome_anime: 第11話「結びの伝説3日目」ご視聴ありがとうございました!明日ひる0時からGYAO!にて先行配信です!引き続きお楽しみに♪ GYAO! :3/22(金)ひる0時〜 ▼OP/ED/キャラソン/サントラ好評発売中!… https://t.co/4mrFsNs45e
RT @trice_70: i’m completely in love w/ this. i ❤️ country music so much https://t.co/5AiLBYq3ct
RT @komurock1962: 今夜のフジテレビTuneはTokyo Girls Music Fes.2019直前SP。出演者紹介の他、ジェジュンとSHOKICHI各々のTune過去トーク映像とTGM過去ライブ映像の一部をプレイバック! #cx_tune #jaejoong #exile_shokichi
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