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@SonyVegasNChill Wait I just saw the montage lol DaZe Divinity is a beast at editing
@Kkachisama 와아..어서와ㅠㅠ
@Dope_Daze you’re welcome for these angles, lil
RT @dazedropp: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ -ˋˏ♡ ( ´∀`)/ ⠀ hey im daze and im lookin for more kh / ffxv mutuals!! i love both fandoms so, so much &… https://t.co/x1YPXKVkO9
@n0_daze_off ^^^! I honestly feel them though.
택배님 빨리와주세요 저 받고 바로치과가야될거같아요
@DebbieAAldrich @AdamSchiff All the false bravdo and outrageous claims are coming home to roost. You could see it a… https://t.co/VptPRlRl4p
RT @Tommy6Rings: Tom Brady’s face made from Rubik’s Cubes 🤯 https://t.co/ahEQu8A0cJ
Love talking with fellow music lovers... :)
Why an instrumental track like Daze 22.00 speaks to my soul so much baffles me. I need to stop banging on about Flu… https://t.co/2GXXo8gdyt
@lattedayo 횽아 잘놀다왓어??
@ruje_DAZE いま向かってるよー!
@Recetthe My boy Daisuke Ono Yare yare daze
RT @DumbAsFucc: “they dont kiII the Presidents like they used to” - my grandma lmao wtf?
RT @joetoenails: Arnold Schwarzenegger's TikTok is sublime https://t.co/7rjZR1gNYO
@doragoneganosu おはー!あれ、仙台今日??
この前の出陣式(決起集会)のあと新装した横浜アニメイトに行ってきたよ。 ブックオフが縮小して鉄道模型の店がどっか行ってそこにメイトが入ったレイアウト。 藤沢もドンキの中に入ったしリニューアル期間なのかもね。