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Dawson is clutch af for picking me up0
If only I was cool enough to be in a chat with @Elisha_40 @Daytonabeachh @holsingerc58 @JJwyatt94 and all the other cool Football players.
Hey MONICA thanks for the follow!
RT @LCHS_Football: The Indians travel 16 miles south on Friday to take on Dawson County in their penultimate game of the regular season! Make the short trip!
Pinhani sadece Dawson's Creek kirmasi Kavak Yelleri için bir araya gelmiş bir grup muydu?
RT @YouTuberUpdates: Shane Dawson is dating Ryland Adams https://t.co/hforSDqeS9
RT @YouTuberUpdates: Shane Dawson is dating Ryland Adams https://t.co/hforSDqeS9
@dawson_deaton Thanks D1 Daws!! You're a big boy now!
I'd never presume to tell anyone who can make a rainbow, what color to make children. Richard Dawson, quoting his... https://t.co/DWkyVtTexH
The Lower Schuylkill is a great revitalization story for Philadelphia #EconomicDevelopment #Construction https://t.co/f2K0vtSzoq
I'm in such a bad mood, send me cute dog things if ur real
WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE PEACE WITH SUN FM. The City of Dawson Creek Council is re-implementing the Community... https://t.co/naG8RziI84
RT @timkawakami: Now somebody's going to tell me Phil Dawson is worth a 1st-rounder. Wait, somebody already did (last night). Of course at 41-year-old kicker
RT @MelissaDawsonDD: New BJ video on https://t.co/AfuzIUMWCq join my fan page today to get all videos and pictures.… https://t.co/HxnVS7QONH
@ItsAlly_Dawson In exactly seven months you will prove this statement of yours wrong and your belief in yourself right 🌕✨ All the best💜😘
if i made tshirts that said "im gay for rosario dawson" who would buy one
RT @brookalena: Friends (feat. Bon Iver) by Francis and the Lights https://t.co/GWgsslzvgT
Jeg likte en @YouTube-video – https://t.co/sqMKITrIhJ TEACHING SHANE DAWSON HOW TO MAKE A MUSICAL.LY | Baby Ariel