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When Aleida's father suddenly dies, her scheming cousin seeks to destroy both her and her mother. Protecting Aleida… https://t.co/7qxupyFt7J
Ah Biggie be sellout pass 😂😂😂
Line of heavy rain moving through Dawson Springs, moving east towards Madisonville. Gusts to 40mph possible. https://t.co/K2Ns9Q8Z4y
Nah I dey dieeee😂😂😂😂 @dBoi_Dawson just stressss https://t.co/VdEhAqqfcG
RT @IRLBi: Dublin-based bis! Join us for coffee and chats this Sunday (June 24th) @ 4pm in Costa Coffee on the corner of Dawso… https://t.co/fYNfV9pjW1
RT @girlcollectionx: Devin Dawson Goes Easy on Brett Eldredge with End of Tour Prank | "Book Hot Local Dancers" >> -… https://t.co/RKvL6kPMCk
RT @heyychristiana: my dad is honestly such a meme, especially today LMAO https://t.co/toxtq5MUZe
@joselorenzopg @dawson_twittea JAJAJAJA Yaracuy no, Bélgica si.
RT @Doctor_SC: Jacob Dawson (102k mid) will make his debut for GC this week. He has had some massive NEAFL games this season, so… https://t.co/YXPqBb5QtN
@dBoi_Dawson I’d like to know more Bro
RT @jess_crunchboy: JORDAN DAWSON fucke dby the top XXL MIchel DUQUE NEW CLIP JUST FOR FAN PAGE Get it here https://t.co/xYQfxBnt3B https://t.co/cvTWy8RxfC
Forbidden Planet in Dublin - but at its former home on Dawson street (which dates me). I browsed an issue of Anim… https://t.co/ydBqTwRcd1
hostia me voy a marcar un shane dawson, hay alguna aiteda que se quiera convertir a ragoneyer? me ofrezco voluntaria para hacerlo
RT @ccferrie: Still a dearth of bike stands around the Dawson St area resulting in bikes parked to every pillar and post. Not a g… https://t.co/Cwavh9ALqf
@KennethFaried35 Your probably getting trade lol
RT @LetsGoFrank: La selección de Argentina diciendose pecho frío entre ellos. https://t.co/Z8LVdTn5do
Devin Dawson Goes Easy on Brett Eldredge with End of Tour Prank https://t.co/FFndUYAh3h https://t.co/RSfVDB7GRj
RT @AlltingsThug: SLIME LANGUAGE is Featuring ALL THE SLIMES!! https://t.co/iZc0qdBtaP
RT @disciplnedolan: How would you guys feel if I became a multi fandom account -dolan twins -Emma Chamberlain -tana m. -kian and jc -S… https://t.co/MgOe4f4SWo