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@pamoula @NiDeema Why you're reuse same words but in another language??😀 Okay you can suggest a book talking about… https://t.co/0VyyqPV1O2
@mohamme74410747 @NiDeema Do you read scientific books, coz it sounds like you get your facts from alazhar and his… https://t.co/0e9IJxWRyr
@Lead1225 Have you ever read a single word written by Dawkins? He's spent much of his life explaining exactly this… https://t.co/6Nyg30YcIM
RT @Kepler4502B: Burçlar, dünya evrenin merkezinde sanıldığı zamanlar çıkmıştır. İnsanı evrenin merkezine alıp, özel hissettirdiği i… https://t.co/pHatA8PlJ7
I've added the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science account (@rdfrs) to my private secret Twitter list -… https://t.co/wHMXxRH7yz
@WeirdMovieBros Karma is a wonderful thing 😂
RT @Dawkins_bot_jp: ドーキンスとシンガーの対談。ダーウィニズムがいかに我々の倫理観に影響を与えたのか 肉食の問題だけでなく、中絶、カニバリズム、動物実験、チンパンジーとヒトのハイブリッドの作成、宗教など、様々な問題を取り上げている https://t.co/AMb1nxq03b
@CurlyMan66 @markoftheD @Notbuyingthisbs I haven’t read Sagan or the other guy. Read Bertrand Russell, GB Shaw, Sar… https://t.co/fIxOwRE4oi
Arghhhh can't choose which choice to put in to the @Cultaholic #HallOfFame between @Maffewgregg Chili heatwave &… https://t.co/hMUqZhiOcr
Flat Earthers, and the Rise of Science Denial in America Dawkins shared https://t.co/9b0IELxV8A
I've went back to #Dawkin's work, 'Viruses of the Mind'. I feel that he confused corruption, adaptation by other m… https://t.co/0WAXNhAv6o
RT @HannahD15: Antony Green has called Warringah for Zali Steggall – former PM Tony Abbott is out https://t.co/1SI1t4dTe9
@Wittie2015 And that's fine. I have no beef with atheists. The New Atheists (Harris, Dawkins, etc.), on the other h… https://t.co/ruNke05hQ1
@dont_panic @Wittie2015 I agree with you. That's why I capitalized "New Atheists", because it really is a specific… https://t.co/Oahd6RgpgU
@dawkins_ollie @rugbystig A ball playing lock? Brodie Retallik X Damien Mckenzie.
RT @saladinahmed: White American men are shooting up their own schools on a regular basis and still fantasize that Arabs are the vill… https://t.co/pN8vgoeRj5
I didn't disagree with most of this, but I would have so much preferred to have read a Richard Dawkins style evisce… https://t.co/NgKeSioYYV
@K_Dawkins_Jr Everyone thinks they are/were a top lock just for the bugged steals🙄
RT @ESPNUK: Liverpool would have won the 2018-19 Premier League title if long-range goals were worth double. https://t.co/dEEXnz0sUa
I mean, you don’t have to be Richard Dawkins to be struck by the fact that those who espouse the alt-neu “Judeo-Chr… https://t.co/mttUoPhn8B
RT @JonRothstein: Sources: UCF's Aubrey Dawkins will sign with an agent and enter the 2019 NBA Draft. Expected to stay in. 24 years o… https://t.co/Gx9cYVkDzL
@Lynn_Dawkins @SkyNews they'll go back if your politicians stop meddling in other peoples countries. your politicia… https://t.co/6tSVVrlhPI