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Waterbirds of Australia FDC, signed by David Shepherd (artist) No.15 of 15 https://t.co/QIXOoJCjif
L@@K!!! Waterbirds of Australia FDC, signed by David Shepherd (artist) No.15 of 15 https://t.co/zpG0sbkoyb via @eBay_UK
"How Kanban Improves Continuous Planning and Workflow" https://t.co/mKA5yYoQ40 David Shepherd (via @dzone)
<3 Via - David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation https://t.co/BeCi9gIdoR
Retweeted David Shepherd DSWF (@TheDSWF): 'Wildlife has the ability to recover people have power to change, what... https://t.co/zjO2IBpe1b
Check out what I found. Vintage David Shepherd Framed + Glazed Elephant Print Double Signed Animal Art https://t.co/xDp5tcJ4wg via @eBay_UK
Got my copies! S/0 David Shepherd #antibiotics and Roosevelt FiyahboiYungin Hawkins ##newagehotboi..! Both of... https://t.co/XigRwNGOn5
MLA David Shepherd talks about @HomewardTrust and affordable housing initiatives like Westwood Manor at TMS https://t.co/uZXC9g4utX
Some of us have based our lives on the examples of Colin Cowdrey and the Revd David Shepherd ! https://t.co/YpWTORtosx
Local celebs Kathleen Smith, David Shepherd & Josh Classen by their respective donation boxes. The winner gets… https://t.co/AnVRM3utOP
Retweeted David Shepherd DSWF (@TheDSWF): #education is key to species survival.We work across the UK, Africa &... https://t.co/G88OZ75qkf
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Today's win means we are now on a "Nelson" and will be imitating the great David Shepherd until our next winner🏏111🏇 https://t.co/ugzHZZnuzu
ugh I'm so down for growly voiced, scruffy, just awake david shepherd I'm SO down
I've just raised 50p for David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation simply by shopping with Amazon via @easyuk. https://t.co/1qXFbr352S