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RT @andieiamwhoiam: Why don't you ferals obey the law? Unarmed does NOT mean not dangerous...and Walter Scott was ARMED. https://t.co/GQVINbgyEN
RT @_Beaute2: we don't no sneak diss 😂😴
ポティトゥ ((☛(╮╯╭)☚))
RT @MendesTeam: Shawn's other singles appear on this list like "Treat You Better" being #28 & "Stitches" which came in at #23. https://t.co/dInvS4BlUR
RT @thaarealtrey: don't ever lie to me to protect my feelings
RT @INTLFESS: [✔] Users is ready to obey the terms and condition. RETWEET this to get Followback by [@INTLROLEPLAY] DO NOT REPLY.
#IdUseTwitterLessIf I actually had someone to make me forget about my phone
@LymondDufresne @Sargon_of_Akkad you practice religion in your home; you obey the law of the land in the streets.
RT @jessnthecity: I'm OBSESSED with this photo. It's adorable. https://t.co/3a2Sg9k2U6
It's my anniversary this weekend and I'm scheduled to be at work all day, that day😩
RT @GawdTrill: Napping together is my kind of date
RT @sixvibes: be my homie & my baby.
Thu: "I will put my Spirit in you and make you eager to obey my laws and teachings." Ezekiel 36:27
@GavinNewsom Criminals don't obey gun laws. Y don't U post how many law abiding ccw carriers have saved lives & prevented tragedies.
RT @62seabee: You Obama was Court Martialled for refuseing to obey your order because you were not a legal President. You still S… https://t.co/m4kBnJcnfW
feeling 1 person😍😍😍😍
@Obey__Anthony12 The best things come to you when you wait for it
I've been messing around too much for the Obey RC and not playing CoD and expecting to just randomly hit clips no more the grind starts now.
RT @Tiplavahn: On everything I been so addicted 🙄🙄😂 https://t.co/DpUl8m6Zeg
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheObeyAlliance https://t.co/M5FXtipktx Introducing Obey Kriks | A CS:GO Fragmovie by Obey josh
@JuniorKwasi_ O what NOT TRUE u should run and get shot NOT ME I WILL OBEY THE LAW
RT @famousquotenet: Nobody has a more sacred obligation to obey the law than those who make the law. - Sophocles