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@Gokibuly 弟じゃないんかーい 3股だめだぞ!?
RT @TwtZara: Petua hilangkan bau badan : 1) Petik daun kangkung dan basuh dgn air 2) Ikat satu per satu 3) Jual kat pasar 4) Duit tu beli sabun Sekian
Last week Pastor Daniel reminded us to Trust and Obey God. Come see… https://t.co/wn4u55kAcX
When you fully obey, God's blessings will chase you down and overtake you. You won't be able to outrun the good things of God.
How's Abdul-Quddus these days? Does he still just obey 'orders from above' whether it is in line with Allah & Rasul… https://t.co/uvYS2q0pGA
RT @craiggroeschel: You don’t have to understand fully to obey immediately. #faith
@patcondell @Independent Australian union leader says she does not have to obey the law if she feels like it is unjust.
@GMW_Riles T: only if u obey ur sexy gf
@Gokibuly 弟ももしかして…?
The more softly you speak, the more impact your words will hav... More for Capricorn https://t.co/8N5AoJICYu
Open support to public hooliganism defines a cornered and irrelevant Shiv Sena. Nothing to show and dynasty to obey https://t.co/udX3ZVPp73
RT @VictoriaOsteen: When you obey God in the natural, He’ll show up in the supernatural!
RT @rysnco: "saya rindu awak tau!" "yeke ni? rindu banyak mana?" "banyak ni https://t.co/atjBzEKIBk
@prettyboy_felix "Yes I am!! Now obey!" He hissed. "Or you will be punished..." taylor looked at Wolf with his green eyes, growling.
H-hello I'm MollySlave nice to meet u I am a good girl and will obey (not new to twitter or rp) I hope to serve u!… https://t.co/6FwdZAx9AQ
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheKarboliC https://t.co/q8GVP6oCmr Introducing Obey Kar by Avix VE
RT @NkirukaNistoran: First @MBuhari start from yourself obey court orders #FreeNnamdiKanu #Biafra #StopBiafraKillings @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/Ryp7tKVGsw
RT @ClareMLopez: Even simpler: Islamic Law obligates all Muslims to support jihad for caliphate under shariah - why be surprised Mus… https://t.co/Aq2dOPOqLe
少しなまってるけど… https://t.co/jvazHHzTMl
RT @SuperBeIIs: Who's with me, End BoLT, dZ, and Obey S for good and bring back Darth, 7F, and L7's older glory
RT @bendits_: rt if u have been in these team's like if not Synex Silver Obey S/A A9 L7 Cognitive Myth Hype High TaMe Saw Front NN 57 Ice PsyQo Solar