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RT @SophicSiren: Cannot roll my eyes hard enough at profiles from 20 something dude bros with handles like Call Me Sir, I'll Be Your… https://t.co/6brmNAGyJU
“We have no strength to obey, but we believe, and then the Spirit is given. Trust Him, therefore, to supply what yo… https://t.co/OSyAhJGPUm
RT @sydgotfans: My God is AWESOME 😍😍😍😍😍
RT @StephMcMahon: “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” -Katharine Hepburn #motivationmonday #morningmotivation https://t.co/NKyDPRAuI4
Die slow, I don’t mind 😂😂😂 https://t.co/oJeWnb6veQ
@reGReT_OBey Vtuberオタクたちと戦った傷跡が・・・
@Maria_Hinojosa seriously? You're blaming MICHELLE??? WTAF? What you expect her to do? Use her Lassoo of Truth to m… https://t.co/y8ozqopiFb
RT @EvenCool: What needs to change is the American people's heart. #Americans Wake up and open your heart! How long will you obey… https://t.co/aeodB0vDft
RT @amour_af: God forbid I ever tell my children that they should obey me because they “live here rent-free” like I’m not the bit… https://t.co/8jc3AxBAYv
I didn’t get into #findom because I’m looking for a quick buck, I got into it because I love when men know their pl… https://t.co/yZmGXpB2Ck
RT @sixfootfiveguy: Me as @miz_cracker when nobody is paying attention to me: https://t.co/TEWJZCO2jK
@TheRomanArab @abaanmiodrag2 In fact as @TheRomanArab points out: the hadith of Mu'adh gives indication of that gra… https://t.co/smj1TR4dGJ
RT @DavidLimbaugh: How can commentators & politicians ignore, in good faith, that these kids won’t be separated from their parents if… https://t.co/MKf2y762fg
RT @the2kmessiah: Rip Lil Snupe Rip Dex Osama Rip Fredo Santana Rip Capital Steez Rip Chinx Rip Bankroll Fresh Rip Young Pappy Rip Ya… https://t.co/8lFxHR3kZB
@tottor_ism こころの安定を得る代わりに体が不調になるか or 体の安定を得る代わりにこころが不調になるか
RT @youravgjoe47: Wife singing during church: "Parents teach and lead the way, Children honor and obey--sometimes..." @Sasparks47
When @GOP nutters say "family values," know that they don't value actual families. Rather, they only accept non-po… https://t.co/Dk2GvT3E4H
RT @thatonequeen: Ok @aquariaofficial I'm now obsessed with yelling "BONJOUR" when I enter a room.
@realDonaldTrump Obey the laws, Deviant Donald! A fish rots from the head down and the Pretender in Chief absolutely reeks.
@KamalaHarris These families would be whole had the parents chosen to obey American law.
@Obey_Melt enough to play fortnite
@ObeyKayB_ How’s Julian going to watch anime
RT @actlightning: Damned straight. Trump is REQUIRED to obey the federal law passed by #Democrats & signed by @BillClinton https://t.co/U1gu5nOyKx