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@David_A_Hussey ...with the occasional step in to help countries that are bullied by others, however this is a way… https://t.co/BI9L24kGkS
@David_A_Hussey More honestly?? Or is it that he just has a big mouth with no filter?? ...and you seem to be saying… https://t.co/e7Rshr4kUE
@Budsmonkey905 But I'm not painting with a 'Trump Brush' ... I'm painting with an 'American Brush', a brush formed… https://t.co/77C08MBtue
@David_A_Hussey Aaah come on, I have American friends,and I don't see this in them, you can't paint the country wit… https://t.co/8QyhUyyBVh
@Budsmonkey905 This new age McCarthyism is nothing but mass hysteria, group insanity on a scale not seen in our lifetimes.
@Budsmonkey905 The people who are going to start something far worse than anyone has to date are the vapid morons p… https://t.co/W5ZP7U6qmK
@David_A_Hussey No better no worse...but in this day and age,this big mouth jackass could start something far worse… https://t.co/A5LaFFiFhb
If you feel you're being exploited GET A DIFFERENT JOB As long as people accept the wages and working conditions o… https://t.co/yjq8sQf3fc
#Amazon People say Bezos makes too much? Just think how hard Jeff has to work, every day he gets up and personal… https://t.co/WuwyBUoW0m
RT @LibertyBlitz: "Traitor!" "Nazi!" "Communist!" "Terrorist!" This is the level of dialogue in American politics right now. You're… https://t.co/lsrl4J3Sz4
@donsknots @liz_franczak I've been right here, watching America lay waste to the entire Middle East .... a continua… https://t.co/6rcox7Tqt5
@David_A_Hussey @liz_franczak Where in the hell have you been for the past 20 odd years?
@David_A_Hussey @hotlipsstewie yeah no coach used him right..Wilson just plain hated him, if he didnt get a point h… https://t.co/HAIbXlyrIO
RT @mtracey: Flashback to 2012: Putin praises Obama, heavily implies that he prefers him to win over Romney… https://t.co/FnFDQsgGhq
@Ted_83 Been fun chatting Ted, looking forward to lots of TMLtalk in the future😉
@David_A_Hussey @hotlipsstewie same here, plus there are teams that need point producing D, and LHD, Dermott can mo… https://t.co/d0bVE8cq54
@Ted_83 @hotlipsstewie Naz was dying under Carlyle. He was never going to be a #1 center but turning that nasty edg… https://t.co/7D2HWiR1aX
@Ted_83 @hotlipsstewie I'd happily trade Jake's offensive abilities for a true shut down defenseman. Its gonna be a… https://t.co/mQSztD1EVi
@MurqusMark And your attempt to discount reality as a "#zionist smokescreen." screams racism Adios racist
@MurqusMark W.A.S.P.s control over 60% of all global wealth, Jews control less than 5%. Sorry, but money rules and… https://t.co/F46GutCHee
@David_A_Hussey @hotlipsstewie yeah that contract is amazing too. Babs as questionable as some of his line combos w… https://t.co/yjINU9ZHo4