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@David_A_Hussey I know and I can not wait ... LOL
.... hard work this team is doing and the results we’re getting for wealthy Canadians from coast to coast There, I… https://t.co/nEmM4C8Hqs
@Lusi_Vega On day ..... I will have my revenge😛
@David_A_Hussey Hahahaha Oh noooooooo 😂
@Lusi_Vega Sure Lusi, just tease me with your blue skies and colourful blossom 😡 LOLOLOL 😆😂😆😂😆 Thank you Lusi :)))❤️
@Lusi_Vega It will come soon :))))
@David_A_Hussey Oh, I am so sorry 😧🤗
@Lusi_Vega Nothing worth mentioning, not like your lovely blossoms😊
@David_A_Hussey For us, yes 😉 but not for this world
@David_A_Hussey Hi David 😊 So what? Did you get a little spring to this day?
@Lusi_Vega Yes, yes I am. Only now am I getting to see any signs of Spring😭😭😭
@David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart Truth doesn’t change, based on the number of people able to recognize it. And if ther… https://t.co/Ei1YstsSJS
@David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart Your constipated rejoinder is consistent with your confused ideology. Advocacy for gov,… https://t.co/xSEWddgDbZ
@David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart There was a time when 99.99% of the population supported slavery and accepted it as per… https://t.co/9OEQlsYNB5
@David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart On that front you are correct. However,don't say "fringe" as if it were pejorative.I ra… https://t.co/x2T2luT7Dz
RT @LucyFerr3: @David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart I hate what schools/indoctrination prisons have done to you. Gov does not give benefits… https://t.co/doysqFJrVT
@David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart is it selfish when you hang on to your money too? Or does that only apply to others?
@David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart Do you voluntarily pay more taxes, not take deductions, etc...or do you "hoard every penny for yourself"?
@David_A_Hussey @MaryRuwart hmmm...so the guy who favors involuntary participation under threat of violence is call… https://t.co/JVs0dyEfCm