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RT @jilevin: Yes, there is a difference between journalism and P.R. https://t.co/73DgkKySnf
@BenjaminNorton Pssst Ben, police serve the economic aristocracy. They're not right or left wing, they're shock tro… https://t.co/kPOfV7Wphf
@WhitfordBradley @MonikaJoyce You haven't actually paid any attention to he media have you? You know, the media who… https://t.co/91RqllW6AR
@TheChelseaFlash @ml_maria_ At this point in time Americans need something to focus on, anything that can allow the… https://t.co/jTM7htP1eA
Good thing #McLaren got rid of that boat anchor #HondaF1 engine eh @alo_oficial ? 😂😂😂😂
@beneltham So when people refuse to work for insufficient wages an employer is forced to increase compensation? Who knew!
@XposeTrophyHunt A buffer zone wont accomplish anything, it's just moving the line the wolves have to cross before… https://t.co/rxIw9ORq68
Awwwww .... isn't it cute the way Obama is cast as an unwilling pawn rather than the fully complicit war criminal h… https://t.co/w4une8ql66
@MaryamSaleh The world needs to stand against arseclowns who use terms like "Assadism" and promote regime change ag… https://t.co/xANAOf2Mjz
@willie_dynamite It's the power of illegal weed in BC
@David_A_Hussey Vapid tweet? 🤣 Good one David
How many people will regurgitate this vapid tweet's content and think they're being clever and creative? https://t.co/EwAugLYG9b
@saysthemachine @Sportsnet No, assholes with flags in their profiles are the worst. #NationalismIsaMentalHealthDisorder
@Lusi_Vega Wishing you a beautiful weekend too sweetie 😊💗😘
RT @Lusi_Vega: Happy autumn weekend for you 😊💕 https://t.co/U4U1AiPjh5
@David_A_Hussey Cops pull over car... "Is dat weed I sees on da dashboard?" "Yes sir." "Did youse buy dat weed fro… https://t.co/AYe66gh9MG
@Bill_Owen Why does it take 6 months??? Cause they need to make sure all their cronies are well set up before any competition is allowed
@David_A_Hussey Best price is my driver. I will also fire up my growbox, and I will still have weed months before t… https://t.co/iJ360DitGC
@Bill_Owen Black market is the way to go imo
@David_A_Hussey Cops were so happy the day they legalized weed. There may still be some open in Ottawa. My local is… https://t.co/grP1mPN0ZN
@Bill_Owen More importantly, are all those holding cells still available as the pigs go a a crusade to eradicate all the existing pot shops?