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@Goal_en_espanol @GoalChile Bale... Neymar... David Luis...
@ASVAR73 @David_Heras Y quién va a robarle el PSG al Real Madrid? A Bale?
David Villa >>>>>>>> Luis Suarez Anyone >>>>> Bale Salah? Tf?
@PedroBDonoso @David_Heras Si el Jeque, que no es Jeque es EMIR se enfada mucho se carga al Real Madrid. No es que… https://t.co/Tr52A3q8c6
Veo a Will Smith en @El_Hormiguero luchando por hablar español con una simpatía enorme y me acuerdo de Gareth Bale… https://t.co/E64fWU8TZK
RT @cabaislois: Saben lo que le dice Zidane a Keylor, saben lo que dice Bale en el vestuario, pero el agente de Kroos ha estado yen… https://t.co/gh84j0pgKb
@David_Heras @letrasdetucan Creo que Messi, esta indignado por perder en champions, y quiere irse al betis, y me su… https://t.co/FvxMy8XifM
@_David_Edward I liked Nicholson, but of all the "superheroes" Batman really is supposed to be pretty dark. I thoug… https://t.co/7i0sDilpOH
@_David_Edward Why not just have Christian Bale play Alfred? He make comments about deja vu over and over.
@FUTJack__ bale,rabiot, savic, ibrahimovic, david luiz https://t.co/mXiRGwsFDV
@UltraBilardista Pierdo vs griezmann o david luiz fb, le gano a varane y bale
RT @ODDSbible: 🗣 Zidane on Bale: “If I had a fourth substitute today I would not have brought him on” 🗣 Bale on his future : "I'v… https://t.co/qkoCkwddXG
Who’d have thought, 6 years ago, that Bale would be Madrid’s David Bentley
@dshann305 @halth0 Knew you'd pipe up. Deluded david who thinks hazard is outstanding everygame he plays. Turns up… https://t.co/vgkIbMULSs
@ftbldee @RickyRichLFC @mcasemarcus Bale is better at football than David Beckham and John Terry by a considerable amount
RT @bghayward: I was at Zidane's press conference earlier after Real Madrid's game against Betis. He did not say anything remotely… https://t.co/7Duo7VDYpj
RT @nick_davison10: Spurs fans; If the chance came up, would you take back Gareth Bale? Please retweet after voting. #COYS #THFC
@SkySportsPL Woodward has spent his entire tenure chasing Bale, so it’s a strong possibility. Good player but I thi… https://t.co/P6TPY78E9B
What on earth are people talking about?! No doubt Bale would be disappointed about not playing but he’s been a cham… https://t.co/xN3WtgVkAJ
@D10Sesblaugrana @David_Heras Cristiano es egocéntrico, no brilló en la final, los goles de Bale lo opacaron y se a… https://t.co/tkC9L2gYNQ
RT @brfootball: Has Gareth Bale already packed his suitcase? 😂 https://t.co/4w36PIWBTL
EPL transfer news: Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Gareth Bale, David de Gea, Coutinho | FOX SPORTS… https://t.co/VtljC2AwfX
@David_Heras O que se lo pregunte a Bale...
RT @madridisme: 2013 la estrella del equipo recibe a Bale. 2019 la estrella del equipo recibe a Mbappé. https://t.co/Icx89rfb29