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#9ComeDinewithMe Dave Lamb "Making sure they can't escape" Hahaha
@Brownsvilleted @LoveBritishLamb Yum! Of course, it was very good lamb to start with. Not Dave, tho?
Dave Lamb. Cheers everyone, we're fine
@smusyoka Dave Lamb the VO, is our national treasure ......oh I mean 🇬🇧 treasure 😂
RT @CarltonFC: WE NEED YOUR HELP! Jed Lamb’s 10-month-old Golden Retriever Layla has gone missing in the Middle Park area. https://t.co/xnILbMXUGm
Dave lamb is savage
#9ComeDinewithMe Dave Lamb "A limp wristed pole dancer - it was never going to work was it"
A voiceover would never have said 'ffsake' in the TV landscape before Dave Lamb on Come Dine With Me, just sayin. #CelebsGoDating
RT @JohnsonButchers: Celebrate @LoveBritishLamb with our 10 day dry aged lamb!! Available this week and every week!! https://t.co/1S1kKWr3Mu
Arthur Smith, the Dave Lamb of money for nothing..
The Huntress and Holder of Hands (you may know her as half of Brown Bird before Dave Lamb's passing) is creating.... https://t.co/VPOCBl5XQ5
#9ComeDinewithMe Dave Lamb "...and there he goes" That made me laugh.
#9ComeDinewithMe Dave Lamb "Boy Hansel and Gretel have really let themselves go" Bwahahaha
RT @TATJANASL: Connections: Seven (1995) David Fincher Hannibal - The Wrath of the Lamb (2015) Michael Rymer https://t.co/sSJibWYsot
@paki_dave we on proper Welsh lamb non of this smokie shit you sell!!!!!
Mary Had a Little Lamb | Nursery Rhymes for Kids from Dave and Ava https://t.co/TZvKsQpTHD
#Nowplaying on https://t.co/XKoJpS4FrZ All Hail The Lamb - Dave Bilborough