RT @Donna_McCoy: [speed dating] Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?
RT @gyuyomizizi: For god's sake, infinite is on their late 20's now LET THEM HAVE A LIFE OHMYGOD stop being irrational just bc your oppa is dating let him be
@jacksonmukunda maybe she's dating that "ministry in charge of budgeting!
7 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Dating A Bold And Direct Woman -
RT @_cultur3: The Bachelor is about a man, dating multiple women at once. Primarily watched by women, who hate men who date multi…
RT @CivilJustUs: Me after we all watched #GetOut and yall still dating white girls
RT @StayWithYouL: Ok, let's be straight. If someone gonna leave the fandom, due to dating news:
RT @petitetweeter_: My best friend's Mum just told me she wished her son was dating me instead. His gf was in the room 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
@LionheartedSage — boyfriend. Because he has heard, about Regina dating some Slytherin and that was the reason some people didn't trust —
Regarding that "Straight women have fewer orgasms" thing-- a cisdude I was dating once complimented me on always having neat, clean nails.
RT @yann_dere: Carbon blind dating
RT @entrust: stop dating shitty people
RT @RoclieNell: My sex drive high as hell 😭 if we dating and you wonder if im "in the mood" .. I AM. I always am 😭💀 Lets Get Jiggy With The Shit 😩
RT @IRmatchmaker: $1000 for a successful referrals to a #blonde #snowbunny for #dating. #DM photos.#FF #snowbunnynation #interracial #pawg #irrevolution
RT @_smlasp: Idc how young I may be, I have every intention on dating with the purpose of marriage on my mind.
RT @WilliamShatner: That's the general def which is fine. What I object to is shipping actors who aren't dating by harassing/trolling t…
RT @mpoo5oomy: @BoipeloMolefe yes the one dated one of my best friends... they were still dating when this was done 😞
RT @CivilJustUs: Me after we all watched #GetOut and yall still dating white girls