RT @CaIsVibe: The "I'm 25 dating a 16 year old but she will be 17 in march" starter pack.
bersepah dating je
RT @mybootykwan: if I get into a relationship me: are you sure about dating me like I have 13 guys im inlove with? my priority is ob…
RT @KelcieKhan: ممحونه نيج من الطيز يا #ثلاثينى فاتحه الكام و #فحوليه خبيره #طيوزه
RT @IcatastropheI: 🔺 Deepika Padukone • the calm English teacher • most gorgeous teacher • students drool • perfect at what she does • dating gym teacher? p***sies grabbibg along with subscription anyone.
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Kakaaliw this thread 👇😂 True to life ang dating e! 😂😍 #ALDUB79thWeeksary
It's about a couple who's not so experienced in dating uh....
dating someone in the auto business is annoying sometimes because car rides consist of fun facts about every car he sees.
Toutes des coquines ! elle 18 ans Anglet ==>
@fariysha dah pandai dating malam malam eh
Horseback riding is life, the rest is just details.
you bi ? — No , i wouldnt see myself dating a girl lol
RT @dariatbh: when all of your friends are dating and your just patiently waiting for your chance