I really hate how girls make EVERYTHING about them. You'd swear they were dating their own reflection 😣
In that case, I feel lucky that I'm the one you're dating too then, I'm looking forward to seeing this playful side of > @TonyGravesKKL
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RT @coupIegoaIs: They've been dating for over 2 years and they still looking at eachother like this. i'm in love. this is all i want
METS ET DELICES - VISITE COMMENTEE: Dialogues, amitiés, rencontres, speed dating et plus si…
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Sana pwede pa ibalik yung dating kame😔😔😔 javenez😘😍😘
When dating a younger man, it's wise to make your expectations for the relationship clear from the very beginning.
RT @CraveMyThoughts: when you get in a relationship and slowly start becoming like the person you're dating
RT @_Abdul_Malik: One of the biggest traps about dating someone is getting so relaxed that you forget to do the things that brought you together.
RT @MarjoryLaughli: لو نياج رتويت عشان اعرفك #ساديه ياقلبى ناطرتك بالرابط #شرموطه فحوليه
Suddenly #runningman show is like dating tv show. Still JK look fine.
RT @Svage2times: Yall be dating people who not dating you back 😂😴
RT @loveandxxx12: アラフォー女性にチャンス!狙い目の出会える街コンはこれ! #アラフォー女子 #街コン #出会い
and the other one is getting married in feb, also another is confirmed dating this month lmao
RT @MarjoryLaughli: #عشرينيه منو فيكم يشتهي الظهر بدي خال جاد يفوت هون #عاهرة #اربعينيه #الخليج
RT @CanesOnFSCR: .@NHLCanes Home win percentage has been right behind the #Pens dating back to the home opener against the #Rangers…
RT @MarjoryLaughli: صباح الخير متابعيني متسلطه بدي #مخنث جاد يراسلنى هون رتويت
RT @jinjjarevil: [BREAKING] intense stare between BTS' jungkook and SEVENTEEN's mingyu is stirring up dating rumours .
RT @MarjoryLaughli: بدى سعودى الحين دلوعه على دردشتى من الرابط خبيره متمرده #جماعى