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RT @evepeyser: dang it's been a year since this baby came out, time flies motherfuckers
I dreamt I was dating Chandler Bing last night and it was pretty alright
You never realize how big an age difference 21 to 18 is until you're 21 dating an 18 year old...
henrik and tarjei have so much chemistry & they are so good together u would think they are dating irl too
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RT @JulesC70: [Speed Dating for Snails] Snail 1... Snail 2... Snail 1... Snail *buzzer sounds*
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RT @irarchaeology: 'Hybernia Nunc Irlant', a map of Ireland dating from c. 1570, produced by the Lafreri school of Italian cartographe…
RT @DNAHDEEE: Rt when you dating someone whose well known , they'll have all type of people beefing with ya
RT @marIboros: shoutout to anyone who is friends with/dating a girl with strict parents bc we are such a hassle yall are the real mvps
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