RT @insaneanxiety: if we’re dating you can have your freedom, you’re not my prisoner. just stay loyal & be honest. that’s all i ask.
RT @SkiMaskShawty_: If you're not dating her to marry her then why are you with her?
me: i'm sorry, i don't think you and i can be in a relationship together tom delonge: okay but we're still dating im just hunting aliens
RT @PinkMiruku: They've been dating for more than a year now
@zackfox that dating show skit where they were in harnesses and speaking with British accents was so funny
last time an FBI agent began questioning me about a NASA employee's (former Navy sub worker) dating habits, I told him to "get the Hell out"
My boyfriend is chasing a fucking squirrel why am I dating a literal puppy
RT @egorbbhxk: شرموطه بدى اماراتى جاد يفوت شات هون دبه متمرده #خوال
RT @petre7nmy: تاكلون مكوتى بنظراتكم للتواصل معى فوت بالشات تبعى هون زوجه #مطلقه #بزاز
It's hard dating a femme bc I have to get help from people at Ulta, but she looks so damn cute and she's so damn worth it.
RT @fbuddy: This meme seriously looks like a giant vagina! #realblogfakephoto Meet them: #dating #UK
RT @thatgirljaycole: If your only dating, say it. You like a person, tell em. You don't feel like it's going anywhere? Speak up!
RT @TheVineFights: When ur ex starts dating the person they told u not to worry about
It's funny when hoes try to give dating advice 😂
Dating an older guy: Con: gotta stay up til 3 so u know he gets home safely from the club Pro: get drunk love texts
RT @Chan5dan: وين التفاعل بدى نيكه #منحرفه بدي هايج يفوت هون منيوكه #جاده #بزازى
A close friend of mine was "advised" by a man on a dating site to "stop being bi." RAGE. WITH. ME. #bipride #LGBT #cantstopwontstop
@TripeUK Trype Breath, dating success.