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#Catamounts call TO after Kelan Martin buries a deep 3 with 16:30 to go. #Butler leads 50-35.
5 straight points for #Butler gets #Vermont to call TO with 6:18 to go. #Butler leads 27-20.
@JayBilas all this talk of skipping reminds me of when Da Sean Butler of WVU got hurt in final 3 minutes and it killed his draft status
@TheSportsHernia I'm on board with this after Da'Sean Butler's injury, and that was a final four game, not the Tits and Wings Bowl
Go watch the video of Da'sean Butler getting injured and unfuck yourself. And that was a Final Four game, not a Goody's Headache Powder Bowl
Let's Go Butler! He Said On IG Live He Scoring 1-2 TD Tonight!
Way to go Butler!!🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
There you go butler 🔥
Let's go Butler!!!
There ya go Butler
There you go butler! That play fake tho #CowboysNation
@Mac_BZ you put the clampers on Emmanuel sanders today let's go Butler
Smacked that bitch let's go Butler!!
I STILL get choked up watching that Da'Sean Butler and Huggy Bear clip.
So far a GREAT night in basketball Cats beat UNC 💙😺 Indiana lost! Go Butler! 🎉Now make it 3 of 3 if Davidson can beat Kansas 🙏🏼 #basketball
Way to go Butler! Indiana bragging rights! #nothinglikeIndianabasketball