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@HowardHambleton @Billie_T Gomes saved two penalties in the same game for us vs Sunderland (Darren Bent)
RT @edenava0609: @John_W_Henry can Liverpool try and sign darren bent and shawn wright Philips in january think they will improve the team loads YNWA #lfc
RT @dellcam: when i was four, i was taken away from my father during an intense custody battle and placed in a group home for se… https://t.co/92986H07Uc
Basically if anyone didn’t remember, Darren Bent was the first player ever to score with his dick for Derby wys
@sammoyd Saddest day. God will judge Darren Bent and David Moyes 😭😭
@jasoncundy05 not this Ronaldo love in again. What is Darren Bent on about everybody knowing he'd score yesterday.… https://t.co/HqPFRNZl0m
In my humble opinion...the best bit of business we could do this summer is try to 're sign luka Modric ...him and e… https://t.co/yLsN6BWtLP
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: This is the most tone-deaf bullshit I've ever seen. 2k children were ripped from their parents. They sleep in pens… https://t.co/sB03YdVQ1q
RT @Romulus_fc: Romulus FC will be running School age soccer camps this coming summer holidays in partnership with the Darren Bent… https://t.co/6PP67CWaq5
Good to see Darren Bent at the back getting into punditry https://t.co/ixqIFsAZNF
@TheJackOrton96 Of course. Are you still convinced Darren Bent is a 20 goal a season man?
@Dan_Finchy @ZackEllis95 I think Darren Bent got one and Jerome Thomas got two. It was a long time ago. Cracking game at The Valley.
Who was that Dutch Charlton striker? He scored in tjeWest Ham game. Along with Darren Bent
Messi the poor man’s Soldado. Argentine Darren Bent
Well bent... 'Furious' locals lose bid to buy Hastings pier for community https://t.co/3pKr92KcdO
@ClaretVillans Darren Bent is a free agent isn't he? 👀
@ollyofficial @Cristiano Yeah but as he ever set up Darren Bent for a goal ??....🖒
@_GimsA1 Don’t you mean Darren bent 🤔
@dve1198 Aye same, Darren Bent sent us down
Can't wait to see Darren Bent play as England step into action on monday. #ENG #WorldCup