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RT @kristeldiaz03: Darren Espanto and Morissette's version of the song "A Whole New World" is sooooo good! 😍 Naninibago ko sa voice ni… https://t.co/E7oKfMYOo9
RT @AlegriaJrl: ABS-CBN ARTICLE 💚 @Espanto2001 During the presscon of the upcoming TFC 1MX Singapore music festival, Darren Espant… https://t.co/aG4ZGn4jlp
RT @giselleespanto: Omg trending din sa fb yung "A whole new world" nila Darren at Ate Mori sobrang nakakaproud. Congrats Darren and ate Mori. #DarrenEspanto
RT @xxx_acb: Darren Espanto why! 😭😍 pangprinsipe yun boses whyyyy ♥️♥️♥️
omg wait you went to darren london???? love being funny for being a dumbass sksksk dw even my name confuses me ily https://t.co/u7vkbT881L
RT @froyoda: darren and morissette's awnw 😭
BBC News - Tory leadership: Rivals clash over support for no-deal Brexit https://t.co/jz4yT6mpRa
Movie time with family dahil c Darren Espanto ang nag promote @DisneyPH #AladdinPH https://t.co/slpRdSw92v
RT @mxrcfrxncxs: Ganda ng version ng a whole new world ni darren at morissette :>
RT @kiyannnnramos: Masyado akong naadik sa a whole new world nina darren at mori💙
YEHEEEEYYY! Wishclusive millionaire talaga to eh. Darren & Mowie, lakas nyooooo! 👏 https://t.co/BfLmegNZHj
Yasss👏 Jenny Darren! | Auditions | BGT... https://t.co/LfG5HUiuzt via @YouTube
Good money is in Darren being the type of guy who whines about not being able to do basic (technology related) task… https://t.co/BX6x7umRjz
RT @lksynarce: oh damn darren & morissette singing a whole new world is so fucking goood
RT @LiamTait92: My favourite @ConsettAFC post so far today Darren was class all the way through last season! https://t.co/Yk0zCF77ia
RT @ramyeonduo: some of the other notable songs from swimming pool's writers... didrik thott - exo's 365, sean michael alexander… https://t.co/dsXMmcxQU9
RT @cstdjv: Hands down to Darren and Mori's rendition of A Whole New World!! Abosolutely perfect 💙
RT @_klov3r: <Red Velvet - Swimming Pool> Composed by Didrik Thott / Sean Michael Alexander / Darren "Baby Dee Beats" Smith https://t.co/Cd9P2suFwy
RT @markmasalunga: Baka pag gising ko bukas millions na ang views ng a whole new world ni Darren at Morissette😊