Darling I Always

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@imeganott why yes darling. I always do👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Brilliant! " when did you start being such a horrible bastard?" News flash darling I always have you've only just started to realise it! Ha
@SexECrim //if you ever want it just dm me darling. I always love talking
@iamlakshmirai wow stunning darling i always think hw can god created an angel like u 💝
@yaboitazz Thank you, darling. I always appreciate your feedback. You're such a fashionista. <3
DIARY = Darling I Always Remember You
@SibaMtongana @METROFMSA @PearlThusi @TheRealPhatJoe u such a darling I always watch Siba's Table am learning from you
He actually text me from work to update stuff. "No darling I always scratch my eyebrow while forming an L shape with my finger & thumb!"
Darling... I always say? Is it worth it?! 👀's at food.....yaassss boo lol
'Sorry, Carol, my darling. I always found it terribly sad that you were dating our accountant.' https://t.co/RoactnLhDK #new #xmas #chicklit