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RT @mintable_s: emil darling i can't say much for your taste in men and you could do far better but i'm glad you're happy https://t.co/rFjk5lXv15
Darling, you are simply the best
@ashish_sharmaFc @ashish30sharma @ArchanaTaide 👍🏻 good morning my darling 🌞💛🌻🌻
RT @Greghoran87: Happy anniversary to my darling wife @Denisehorankell love you lots your the best x x x https://t.co/idyMpkeuHx
@lichtblickpink yeah the best news again hahaha 😉 btw sweet dreams, darling 😘
Right Wing Darling 'Permanently Banned' From Glenn Beck's Blaze For Daring To Control Her Own Body https://t.co/Nzjk3htTNY
RT @Kanerudo66: Rarity: 'What's the matter darling? Is it too girly for your tastes?' (By Nolycs) #MLPFiM #MLP #RainbowDash #Brony https://t.co/1yFuVaFf3e
wanna find you darling hahahaha
@yui_darling 自撮りとか載せられとるし 😤 報告しといたからね 👌
Darling--I don't want a salute.
RT @BrendaPerrott: HEADBUTTING LOVE RUPERT needs U PLS RT/adopt/foster/pledge!PLEASE SAVE THE BEAUTIFUL DARLING B4 NOON TUE! #NYC… https://t.co/ctB544K8dY
Darling, utilise sa bouche pour apprivoiser chaps lovestick https://t.co/9uRNlH7tJr
@mercyoncall That is rather gay, my darling.~ [Manages to wedge herself out of the ceiling with a few strangled noises; sticks the landing!]
You tell me darling.
RT @aqivakaren: At the end, we do get what we deserve. Because karma works, darling.
@_OfQuintessence "Serving at your feet? Oh darling, you're not even fit to be my midday snack!" She said in mockery, tilting her head a —
When you're lost and you're alone and you can't get back again, I will find you darling and I will bring you home
@do_u_darling 아.........아뇨, 그 모냐. 첫직업은 본인이 키우는게 좋거든요. 점핑하면 캐릭터 이해도랑 굴리는 방식 몰라서 좀힘든데 일단 제가 흑마 본클 아니어서 다른 부대원한테 부탁드리면 알려주실거예요.
RT @jugniiKhan: @iamsrk bheeki hain nigahen or bikharen hain baal mere shaggu ny bnaya kia apna yeh haal🙈 LoVe My Darling perfect S… https://t.co/G576RBEIjf
Right Wing Darling 'Permanently Banned' From Glenn Beck's Blaze For Daring To Control Her Own Body https://t.co/LyknoStiZt #TheResistance
Oh darling, begging colour television isn't good – however learning about six geese isn't good.