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@izzatiridzwan Cantik makeup!!! Congratulations darling.
@cridheone @mank56 @TINYWEND @TealHeather @Carpey66Fran @KissyMissyMay @TetleysTea Terrible..Thanks lovely big hugs to you Heike darling❤xx
RT @AngPoetNyo: Good morning! Kung may time read naman my column sa Philippine Star! Thanks mga darling! https://t.co/uW7mLNBggb
RT @TSwiftNZ: Oh darling don't you ever grow up https://t.co/uWUyTFcuBa
@sehun_Oose 하지만 팡이도 있으니 없던 일로
Black is such a happy color, darling!💆🏻💁🏻
やっぱりところどころしか思い出せない〜〜くやしい...darlingとfake大好き芸人には死ぬほど嬉しいセトリだった 三宅プロはすごい
@nationalpost this is not Harper. He closed deals. Being the media darling does not correlate to actually knowing how to get the job done.
@sehun_Oose 여러분 저는 팡이 사진이 있습니다
RT @pspksrk: #HappyBirthDayPrabhas still remember the smile you gave when I touched your muscles darling for a reason 👍💪💪😍 https://t.co/qWZmCCoiys
ЕСЛИ Я СЕГОДНЯ НЕ УВИЖУ ЭТУ СЕРИЮ Я НЕ ЗНАЮ ЧТО Я БЛЯДЬ СДЕЛАЮ у меня тремор уже сука ладно где можно посмотреть прямую трансляцию СУКА ГДЕ
No hago twerking, yo bailo salsa descalza darling 💁
RT @TGirl_Debbs: @TGirlyJacqee sending sweet kisses to you my darling only for you 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Darling so it goes, some things are meant to be. https://t.co/FMx69KqfNp
RT @TSwiftNZ: Oh darling don't you ever grow up https://t.co/uWUyTFcuBa
RT @engageddan: Dan: thank you everybody! ME, sobbing back: you're welcome baby sweetheart my best boy I'm so proud sweet darling oh my god my angel
RT @kenratos: @jaehwany0406 darling you have such highnotes in the closer i hope you didnt stress yourself out too much!
@do_u_darling 예나 지금이나 하나로 통일중 그래도 진짜 어렸ㄴ을때는 수다쟁이였는데!
@_neul_94 당연한거 물으시네
Oh I'm sorry darling 😔 I don't saw on youtube you had twitter. I'm really sorry😢 https://t.co/SMCMWB0PFq
RT @TSwiftNZ: Oh darling don't you ever grow up https://t.co/uWUyTFcuBa
RT @IBGDz: BamBam looks so ... even his voice stay strong as always darling 😭💔 #BamBam https://t.co/lJZK8dqz8U
#拡散希望#LOVEMEN 更新したからLOVEぽちしてね❤ LOVEMENでの個人的にびっくりしたこと!この間ラブ君から教えてもらいました! 気になる人は是非読んでねー! #PBX #LOVEMEN #FUMIYA # https://t.co/ZCvGcepYkC