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Your feelings doesn't matter darling, if you want to be one of the greatest https://t.co/9LtNji8iSg
RT @Lumena_tan: Darling in the Franxx ED 1 - Torikago [8-bit; VRC6] Art/animation by @jtangc Full video https://t.co/tjbY9F6cWm F… https://t.co/452N6hEler
RT @BethMooreLPM: #MeToo mattered. Don’t doubt it 1 second, you who’ve suffered. It mattered when Tarana Burke started it. It matte… https://t.co/gyR1CK6b4b
RT @colinskyes: So tell me if you're fallin’, ‘cause darling I have almost reached that point, we all know the things we've taken,… https://t.co/xsBndwevGF
「ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ ᴛᴏ: ᴊᴇғғ.」 @WeAreVeryUnique. — Hello darling. — Are you awake? — Wake up!! — Jeff, help me! — I'… https://t.co/JR9BcN6VGt
RT @RamenDraw: @NiniWine Hello darling ê u ê //PAN// bonsoir je squatte avec mes nouilles ! Un échantillon avec aussi un dessin i… https://t.co/5SdDx7Qd10
RT @beingbrilliant: “There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What… https://t.co/Ob7WnLiAT6
@CandieModiselle you are sooo beautiful and🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Welcome darling I love you😘😘😍❤💋
@haley_darling That’s a hell of a wine cellar you have!
@Corby_Cats Congrats Daisy and family! Have a long, healthy, happy and safe life darling girl. 💗🏡🐾🐾🐈🐾
RT @AyebareSolomon1: But how can one cow die and the whole dynasty collapses?? Chwezi was no more because they lost their darling cow b… https://t.co/XXApRBDAq5
RT @Chelsea_Beard2: TODAYS THE DAY!! Help me get Peyton to @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 🖤🔥🐍 Come say hi to @Shanny_Darling and I in S… https://t.co/9glDLXOud1
RT @Trillburne: General Sir John Moore died in battle in 1809. His last words were to Colonel Charles Stanhope: "Remember me to you… https://t.co/yUxPtRJqKp
🌷 ☁️ . . . ꒰ #HappyEunchaeDay ꒱ Our youngest giant baby—SilverChae, is celebrating her coming of… https://t.co/88SQ27LeFm
RT @JanFotograaf1: RT @fetishworksuk: Ok darling, here you go then 💋💋 https://t.co/CacLNmdpu9
@logannnxo If anyone can handle it, it’s you darling. You just graduated one of the hardest programs at your school… https://t.co/qTJWNUrkI9
RT @Chandrika2908: @eya_ayouta22 Aww..I know Dearie!😍😘This is one of the cutest Pictures I have seen today..she's a Darling!👌🤗And I to… https://t.co/LENW02FdLw
RT @sarahb45: There is a new robocop remake in the works featuring @claire_CJ_jones In this version RoboJones works in I.T and… https://t.co/va3FYysvIp
@amberkoonce Thank you darling 💗
what is ur icon here im blind — It's zero two from darling in the franxx https://t.co/i6O2RUJAuV
RT @CliffordChapin: "Darling... I don't feel so good..." The 16th dubbed episode of #DARLINGintheFRANXX is finally here! The kids deal… https://t.co/UaNUkL5WRz
@VRSYONGIE sorry i've been away all day, darling... god. i'm so sorry. kisses the top of your head. how was your day?