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@Elley_Ray Lovely farm btw. I live on the wrong side of the planet *sighs* 🙃☹️ dark now and lots of rain here. But… https://t.co/6oKQ8ISQWP
@FoXxarius "The dark side has consumed what light remains within me, but I am not truly gone. Trust me."
RT @AlvinaKalee: 2011 abus! ’15 skinny vibe at Sinsinna! ’18 merci Snapchat La Dark side.. Thank you Lord 🍷! #preta https://t.co/GoI4iOB2gA
Hey @ESBNetworks the power has gone out across the north side of Cork city. I'm sitting in Shandon in the dark. Was… https://t.co/4aR14o3Zvg
Pink Floyd ~ 'Us And Them' from the album Dark Side Of The Moon [1973]
RT @AlpinebirdingT: Large Niltava Large beautiful dark flycatcher with blue upperparts with shining blue crown and stripe on side of n… https://t.co/DrQ4EdLi2D
RT @SmashUltiPolls: Poll #27: Make sure to leave a comment about who you voted for and why! RTs and Likes are appreciated too! Every h… https://t.co/s6zQwcvQCc
Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.
RT @MAllanScott: Grab your FREE Ebook before it slithers away. Dark Side of Sunset Pointe as showcased on NBC Daytime - taint no bea… https://t.co/C633TuNxSK
@ellle_em “Blue” Joni Mitchel, “working man’s dead, Grateful Dead, “Abbey Road” The Beatles, “licensed to ill”, The… https://t.co/1XRDu8ucdv
RT @muse: Check out the new fan artwork gallery for the "The Dark Side" now! Share yours with #musethedarkside to be featured… https://t.co/tgoDhxGyNd
RT @TheGabbieShow: Why I Finally Got a Vocal Coach & Singing “Honestly” Live For the First Time! but more than that: the dark, shady… https://t.co/nn8eoxOcxR
RT @jirthana: They try so hard helping me find happiness and I always let them down w my dark side. Im trying too but its just not working.
RT @MrsM2point0: Im leaving the dark side of twitter. One of my last posts! #selfiewanker #selfiequeen #selfie #mummabear… https://t.co/bzbqO07OMI
Hair color and coffee, @hairpaintertay is taking me to the dark side this afternoon at @GEOHAIRLAB! . . . • • • •… https://t.co/Y9vinhfIey
RT @DarthHonor: Yaaaas, thanks to @DreamerDesigns_ for the sleek and completely dark side twitter header. Standby for more coming f… https://t.co/B839mfA3nv
RT @KokuRyuMajo: "You can either have, the innocent side or the dark one. You can't choose both." https://t.co/hffZS1cnD8