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@danielmarven "karma" is a bitch. what goes around comes around #grammarPolice https://t.co/FfnmEgGuIf
feel imma buy a puppy...at least tht won't fk me up n take me for a fool. Worth a try , got mun to lose😂
RT @rach_izayboo: I just want to reach the level of inner peace and self assurance that Darius is at. Man walked into Drakes party by… https://t.co/KSVMCWUW8x
@TNH_Touya (เป็นเรื่องส่วนตัวของผปค.ค่ะ พูดตรงนี้เลยมันไม่ดี เป็นอันว่าน้องคนนี้เค้าโดนเทมาค่ะ(...) คุณอสูรเพิ่งได้… https://t.co/sD1yHur4r2
RT @Alexand80211268: @dariusdobre Follow me darius and the dobre brothers you are My favorite youtubers
YUMI**** yumi & kenji were what i inspired cool, japanese and hot darius was also big crush and i wanted to protec… https://t.co/lFifuvmCIo
Порой я ору с Чонгука в этом фф https://t.co/HhwMiVdmPa
You might not read all this books, but you might want to read Darius's summaries on them. https://t.co/I4eMh73MIx
RT @_HattyF: Never have I ever hated on the next man! Even if I dont know you personally I genuinely want you to win.
RT @wroetoshaw: If I don't upload before 9PM tomorrow ill give everyone that RT's this before then £100 https://t.co/zdS4Z8Ub2P
List of fullbacks who got picked in the Queensland fullback jersey over Billy Slater. 2006 Karmichael Hunt 2007 K… https://t.co/0XxgN8M9tO
@mrbargearse Darius has a sick cat and everyone knows the media is biased against me. Ruined.
RT @unige_ise: Si on se soucie principalement de notre #biodiversite #suisse, la majorité de nos impacts sur la faune et la flore… https://t.co/jSw9qPyn38
@Coach_Bellamy I was in a bad mood, Bellamy. Darius' cat is sick.
RT @ConnectViaBrown: Even le carrot has bae, and me and you are still single 😭😭 https://t.co/mTn4Z539HS
RT @Laurence_A_: Andria Darius Pancrazi Bastia, Corse https://t.co/PuVxDt6ZJn
Oh Shit! I'm watching #Atlanta and Darius' facial expressions Are Everything!!! The Teddy Perkins Episode is DeepAF… https://t.co/QgC5L6MjQu
RT @FFameica: SKONTO ft WEMBLY MO - Fik Fameica https://t.co/xBslDv1K36
RT @pyepar: This Friday, #CastleLiteUnlocks NEXUS lounge as the final tickets to the “Chance the Rapper” concert will be hande… https://t.co/nR4y3BbalI
RT @FCBarcelona: G⚽AL MORNING!!! 🎂🎁🎈 Happy Birthday, @RIVALDOOFICIAL!!! 🆚 Mallorca 🏆 Copa del Rey Final https://t.co/DqNHpT1fco