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Lrt I love when suiters do cute shit like this
Пока я переобувалась — Мась-Мась запрыгнула на стиралку и устроилась там с крайне недовольным видом #лол https://t.co/cdXzAb4Qud
RT @JaseSpots: Why do machines keep attacking me?! Golden State Fur Con has been such a great time, having a ton of fun seeing ev… https://t.co/LMCRquXFEH
can i stop being so fucking whipped for darius? he’s just like *exist* and i’m over here like “you own my ass. pls… https://t.co/Ir9ZHG95u0
Darius Rucker Announces Hootie and the Blowfish Reunion Tour, New Album https://t.co/fkpb1BzzjS
@Shadylucaa Once they let TAA take more free kicks, the world will know how nasty he is. Both great defenders who c… https://t.co/47ekTfEYsm
RT @Females_InChina: @Darius_M4 Wtf just because you don’t prefer a bigger girl doesn’t mean that all meN are suppose to have a problem… https://t.co/qmmITQk8G2
@darius_sn you get everything for free....try again 🥴
RT @bonita_lioness: @Darius_M4 Why you worried about what the next man doing? https://t.co/EDDkHENpLz
Happy birthday kuya @ivanmgln 🏐🥳
@Darius_M4 where is team fat people to say stop making fun of her and all that other bullshit they say.
RT @daddyren_: This makes me so angry. It should make everyone angry. https://t.co/AXkppObbS0
@FANBASEBGST Mirip Darius Sinathrya
Whole bunch of folks been showing they true colors lately and I’m glad like shit.
RT @hiddendesireart: Original illustration for my contribution to @lightfootcomix week long HEaster celebration. Darius x Lightfoot.… https://t.co/4qwOXlr5VB
Senior Tritons lose 2-1 . Solid and efficient pitching effort from Darius Opdam Bak (2020 P/1B) 6.2 IP 5 H 4 K 1 BB… https://t.co/3SSpLUFop0