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RT @DirtyAlarmClock: This is my favorite fight from season 2 of Daredevil. #savedaredevil @Marvel @hulu @Disney https://t.co/MGqkxqd1qM
@mcrookedlettery Plus Daredevil AS Kingpin. Sort of.
RT @TheComicon: Deconstructing Comics #620 – Daredevil: Born Again https://t.co/qMO0E8UmZL https://t.co/uV7pHxUybg
@sosagustina Iba a decir algo vinculado a Daredevil pero mejor no.
RT @KNfreckles: Hey @Marvel @Disney @hulu @FXNetworks have you read @artnotgivingf ? I did. Great book. And I am choosing to give a… https://t.co/S2TutDRZuw
@leekassen @KrsJams I love his issues of Daredevil. I got to run and podcast but I’ll check back soon
@Matt_Pinner Longmire, Ozark, Madam Secretary, The Blacklist...the Marvel shows if you're into that esp Daredevil and The Punisher.
@AndreaJHargrove That roundtable talk and Matt secretly sitting in on it was epic. I loved the Hardcore mini-arc an… https://t.co/x7pCCM0AeK
RT @zdarsky: JUNE solicits! Here are my covers for SPIDER-MAN: LIFE STORY #5 and DAREDEVIL #7! https://t.co/gdnDQYMo1f
@SunitaDeshpande I would rid the world of Daredevil cancellations 😂
@stevendeknight Hi! I loved Daredevil and didn't care for Pacific Rim Uprising! But I respect you and think you're… https://t.co/gTdMJiGJAB
I’m really not liking this monopoly bs. But does this now bring Daredevil talks to the table? #SaveDaredevil https://t.co/JNLNT2eozP
@manwithoutfear not daredevil love and war?
I've been lucky in terms of cancelled shows. I love both Hannibal and Sense8 but I'm highly satisfied with how both… https://t.co/4UrHIfTSuY
@CrazyAntMedia @Daredevil @AmyRutberg This is awesome! It's great that the cast wants to #SaveDaredevil as much as… https://t.co/S0fBthFZ9z
RT @enjiGEN: らくがき婦警さん美波ーーー https://t.co/NPALLzkdve
Daredevil #168 Vol 1 Near Perfect High Grade 1st Appearance of Elecktra https://t.co/aQL8cOlCeF https://t.co/oqhgO9FzAR
RT @minnano_dougaww: オカン慣れすぎwwwww これたまに見ると元気もらえるわwwww https://t.co/ItbkdE99ty
Los que dicen "a mí me gustó la película de linterna verde" o la película de Daredevil de Ben affleck, aquaman o Ba… https://t.co/gyJaBhSuT0
RT @RenewDaredevil: “Daddy's too tired, see. But I'll read to you tomorrow night. I’ll read to you tomorrow night, I promise. Yeah. Nev… https://t.co/A0NlcDz1eP