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@xczechcom @55nils @danortdl @Newuchim Stop. You have no right to say something more. After everything. Just stop.… https://t.co/snrPUZwpdE
RT @GitsTerri: EUTH LISTED MONDAY 11/20 @ 9AM EST, TAMPA BAY FL🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 DAPHNE A1856380 Female (Spayed) Black Dom Longhair 1Yr 8Days… https://t.co/VfhUWmE90e
RT @SkyNews: European Medicines Agency relocates from London to Amsterdam in first Brexit shift https://t.co/Zv4MPZc1Kp
RT @mrplannings: @ToryFibs #Quite informed she's got blackbelt third dan in it
RT @hollygirl230: @ToryFibs Yes #ItTakesOneToKnowOne. Perhaps she will resign at the same time. Pity we can’t #ImpeachHer
RT @mistershute: @ToryFibs Two political leaders. One is responsible for the death of thousands and destroying the economy. The other is Robert Mugabe.
@TAKERU_daphne なろう!
Opinjoni | Wara d-dibattitu fi Strasburgu: Il-kobba issa kompliet titħabbel bil-qtil ta’ Daphne Caruana Galizia… https://t.co/ONWm3rR2an
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RT @ToryFibs: Theresa May says Robert Mugabe has "lost the support of the people & his party". In Theresa's defence, this is a to… https://t.co/VKR1qwbYy7
RT @PeterStefanovi2: Flagship Government housing plan promising 200,000 new homes fails to deliver a single one in three years! https://t.co/U6YZP223mf
RT @JamesMelville: If animals can't feel pain, why do they cry out when they are abused, hit or torn apart?According to the Tories, an… https://t.co/No9ntgEuS1
RT @Trickyjabs: 10s of millions of loving pet owners in the UK, those who hear their dogs whimper when they hurt themselves or feel… https://t.co/8fSdjyqKO6
RT @DancingTheMind: Before the Chancellor suggests there is no NHS crisis (as there are apparently no unemployed people) - he may wish… https://t.co/Sy14NSUmZD
RT @sjwrenlewis: 900 high class UK jobs sacrificed on the alter of Brexit. The UK still has no idea how it is going to respond. Typi… https://t.co/QvSnXgePXN
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@Daphne_Angel_ @55nils @danortdl @Newuchim I would like to say. What was real promise? We was talking with Maya abo… https://t.co/6IMoRgjCyT
「今度の週末遊ばない?」「う〜んその日は駅前で勉強する予定」って会話を鋭く聞きつけた万里くんにさりげなく週末に駅前のカフェのある通りで偶然装って待ち伏せされてそのまま一緒にお勉強したい。そして頭のいい万里くんと問題出し合いっこしたりおいしいコーヒーの話したい #A3プラス
RT @albawhitewolf: I'm happy living in the EU too... 😞 https://t.co/VcKqr5EQwX
RT @IanDunt: Jobs lost. Influence lost. Industry lost. And we're yet to hear anyone articulate why this is a good idea. https://t.co/uOtO8nWGvP
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RT @Hepworthclare: As a STAUNCH *remainer* I reluctantly accepted the results of #EuRef. I have TRIED to take a mature & balanced appr… https://t.co/T6e3rerKEc
RT @nickreeves9876: Why are Tory Remainers so hypnotized by a 37% vote in an advisory referendum! The Tories won't allow a public secto… https://t.co/MvxMkYr2S7