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Move YouTube's thumbnail sketch to see how it would look YouTube's are android miner ecko Dallas jfm Daphne unused… https://t.co/A3gAq7DwZp
Adore w se priorite m! Mizik sa mache nan san m. God bless you @Daphne Pierre! Go subscribe to her YouTube Chan… https://t.co/NXGPtUb8A0
腹痛すぎて女の子になる…ッ!! https://t.co/8YQZhZRneg
RT @baldboyblues: i knew i was gay when i watched the scooby doo movie and thought that daphne's outfits were more important than the… https://t.co/ND3noMrO5w
daphne me fez pesquisar sobre inconfidência mineira pra ajudar ela fazer para casa vei 🤦‍♀️😲
RT @sarahbgilman: Who’s seen Daphne and Velma???
@alexis187em All I bought recently was my brow stuff and moisturizer but that’s stuff I need.
Gente a daphne é a melhor ahri desse brasil
(Also they actress they cast as Daphne is mixed Latina, which is pretty cool.)
Yo...they made a DAPHNE AND VELMA Scooby-Doo prequel movie. I know I know...it looks cheezy and cheap as hell, but… https://t.co/B9x05UYyEF
RT @StarCinema: John shares 3 elements to his lasting relationship with non-showbiz GF READ STORY HERE: https://t.co/Ankmf78LWv
As ATHE President, I am very excited about tomorrow's @TheatreHigherEd keynote announcement! Let's just say that af… https://t.co/8blqun0O4L
Malta: FBI May Testify in Reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia Murder Trial https://t.co/o9vA2XLR2Y
I am so excited to watch #DaphneVelma have an adventure this summer! Read all about their new movie (out TODAY!), l… https://t.co/D9gSYbAOAP
eu tô muito triste
Me molesta que me quieran explicar con manzanas lo que me tienen que decir con huevos
e mais uma vez minha vó sendo homofóbica e eu não podendo falar nada
RT @dubstep4dads: LADIES imagine this, its 15 years from now. your son is up to bat. your daughter is cheering him on in the stands.… https://t.co/KUjgdg9wmR
Minor Crash cleared on I-10 WB @ MP34.2 near Exit 35/Daphne in Baldwin County.
Minor Crash cleared on I-10 WB @ MP34.2 near Exit 35/Daphne in Baldwin County.
melhor caloura — Po, tem várias legais. A Letícia, Daphne, Lia, Marina, Luma, Marillya. Turma Vl é muito boa https://t.co/XlxWhag8ze