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gründen – in Deutschland wird in Danzig hinterließ die ganz.
RT @johnvarlas: Hernando leads Horn Lake 21-20. White Station now leads Germantown 48-0.
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/nA4JRXM978 Papa Emeritus II of Ghost Introduces Danzig at the Golden Gods Awards
@TommyFPatterson Danzig's voice would be perfect for this haha. If they ever toured again he'd be a great replacement for Peter Steele
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/dWK0vr1ISb danzig evil thing
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/j0hHnL6xQ0 Danzig Mother in the bath tub
"Do you like Danzig?" "Of course!" "Misfits?" "Yeah?" "We need to hang out." "No?" Get out of here hahahaha 😂🤔🤔
@JohnBarchard @rob_laser lmao I pictured the skull, then Danzig's face, and then I couldn't figure out which was funnier
@rob_laser @Hegelbon Yeah, probably later when he got a tattoo of Danzig on his face
*Very Danzig voice* I've got something to say Grab her by the pussy today
Wearing a #Danzig shirt but jamming to Stevie Wonder. Yup I'm cool
RT @LordXAkuma: Glen Danzig is only 5'3"
RT @dogfather420: all i can think about is danzig covering white wedding
all i can think about is danzig covering white wedding
friday night football #lovewhitestation @ Germantown High School… https://t.co/tatwhVKtD4
日本人は普通に区別してるけどな。 ってか学校で普通に習ってるわw 【炎上】フリーキャスター伊藤聡子「平成天皇」発言でネットで大炎上! https://t.co/PFgTH3Wszb #niconews
「基地」の代替え案として島の名前を出せって言ってるのに、「魚釣り島なら要塞にできる」ってのが答えになっていない事が分からないんだろうか... 職務は一生懸命やってた=機動隊員の「土人」発言に―松井大阪知事 https://t.co/JDahjxOxek #niconews
Glen Danzig is only 5'3"
I haven't whoa'ed that hard since a Danzig show #letsgo https://t.co/3Ckb4NOwgf