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Playing this hour on Lagom Radio: https://t.co/eEj8X0g0sP Blue Öyster Cult, So They Say, Thornley, Queens Of The St… https://t.co/dDeGooORtm
16. Come To Silver - Danzig
@GiorgioJackson @gabrielboric Quiero felicitar al diputado Jackson, por tratar de convencer a Glen Danzig, para q… https://t.co/wFkxJs7LWv
@eehouls i like his glen danzig stripe down the forehead
my parents have been saying “glenn” back and forth to each other for like three minutes.... are they trying to summon danzig?? or???
Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: https://t.co/eBfg5p8LmC Danzig - Mother 93 Live
RT @Lyricoldrap: Danzig turns the puppies into attack dogs https://t.co/dIm74u4U3d
Danzig - Mother HQ Now live on TAW Radio!!! https://t.co/FDwt5lxnI2
@ChristophDollis He tried both. What did you think the negotiations on Danzig where? Hitler sent 40 (!!!!!!!!!) peace offers to Britain.
@Kitty_LeRoux Sorry for my late reply :) Your next clip sounds like its gonna be fantastic :) Well I have so many f… https://t.co/40wdV6YJiE
"I have seen the demon's Face... Por más fanático de Glenn Danzig que sea, mi voz se acomoda bastante mejor para l… https://t.co/MK1ISatBy7
MISFITS Halloween 7" original first press KBD PUNK Danzig Samhain Fiend club https://t.co/lPWvBSthFA #punk https://t.co/w7YCEVgucX
The misfits are giving me a real hard time right now, can’t say it’s the first time. Danzig I hate you but love you
sign this petition so palaye royale recreate one of their earliest music videos!!! https://t.co/pRtJdxX95bhttps://t.co/7gMDloi8Pz
best drinking games: attitude - listen to attitude by the misfits and take a sip whenever danzig says "attitude" an… https://t.co/RlmoGICqU1
#nowplaying: Danzig - Angel of the Seventh Dawn
#nowplaying: Danzig - Always On My Mind
@EvangelineKipp2 @MzEntropy @TannerKrogman this is german propganda written in 1941, no accredited academic paper h… https://t.co/yTefHpSlhe
@MzEntropy @TannerKrogman No. Britain declared war a few days AFTER Hitler invaded Poland. Hitler invaded Poland be… https://t.co/5r9W5yJArj