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Samhain box set pin mega rare limited Danzig Misfits https://t.co/UXC35pZNw8 advertisement *Visit… https://t.co/0q7M3ZDoiz
RT @clairlemon: One of those pictures that just hurts to look at https://t.co/RuvXJcJCwt
#nowplaying: Danzig - Not Of This World
Mother by Danzig performed by Lissie https://t.co/FIJGUVMwhb vía @YouTube
#SpaceForce is a real thing now. You laughed when it was first mentioned.. yet here we are. The #Militarisation of… https://t.co/j1giKQM4Yg
RT @DailyRapPics: 24 years ago today, OJ Simpson led the LAPD on a car chase in his Ford Bronco - live in front of 95 million viewers. https://t.co/WblC6jrNvD
RT @na_nicomas: Wi-Fiで「00000JAPAN」というSSIDが見えたら遠慮なく使ってください。これは災害時統一SSIDと言って大規模災害時における公衆無線LANの無料開放措置なんですよ。 災害時統一SSID 00000JAPAN (ファイ… https://t.co/xgih3ANKkO
RT @franzferdinand2: *Danzig voice* Well I've got something to say I fed some duckies today And it doesn't matter that much to them as long as it's bread
@EnricLloret @Antiblavers Els paradisos comunistes-ateus (TOTS els règims oficialment cristianòfobs són SEMPRE Dict… https://t.co/Uaj5zJEjMU
Free City of Danzig, Germany. Now Gdansk Poland. Great Synagogue destroyed in 1939. In April 1939: the sign on th… https://t.co/M5NQtAwqo9
@Jack_Danzig Sameeee :// was legit listening to him earlier too
Honestly I'm gonna cry X was a great person and had a caring heart I loved his music!! I'm gonna miss him :( RIP!
@pattonoswalt I always took him for a Danzig fan...
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/klyvvWbEL9 Rob Zombie & Danzig Show [10•30•2015]♤♡♢♧Vampira
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/k10Dj9NdMy Melissa Auf der Maur feat. Danzig- Father's Grave
ダンツィヒ自由市歌 Anthem of Free City of Danzig https://t.co/VClxutRHrX 1920年 - 1939年の間存在したダンツィヒ自由市(現:ポーランド・グダンスク)の歌です。
@a50shadesoftrey No bands, Albums: Metallica: Mast of Puppets Unearth: The March AFI: Black Sails in the Sunset At… https://t.co/dvOsvHYncq
Prays For XXXTentacion
“Don’t have a cow man” he’s Bart Danzig - who… https://t.co/jwddTO7kPM
RT @GorillaNipples1: When I’m feeling down I like to listen to Danzig. The thought of a grown man wearing a netted tank makes me feel better about myself.