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Líbí se mi video @YouTube od autora @TekiStunt https://t.co/ORug3NzKub SAWN OFF SHOTGUN | 2K16 | EAZY_E VS DANYL. |
It all belongs to God once we realize that and stop holding on to it then we let go and see God go!! https://t.co/1kvtGthPMS
SAWN OFF SHOTGUN | 2K16 | EAZY_E VS DANYL. |: https://t.co/0pCYL6Ycpj prostřednictvím @YouTube
RT @SpinninRecords: 'Take Me Down' by @mikewilliamsdj is supported by a HUGE list of DJS, and we sure understand why!… https://t.co/hBZxMt4blZ
RT @DASHBoutique: Happy Birthday to our HOT Boss Lady @KimKardashian 🙌🏼✨👸🏻 Your DASH Dolls love you so much! 💋 https://t.co/LS3ABkIm0M
Definitely related to me on my husband's side of the family lol... https://t.co/c7O4BHGoiV
God does take care of all in God's timing https://t.co/TBYFXPWcTj
RT @SoDamnTrue: when my friends put me in a room with someone i don't like https://t.co/3FxKASFoUv
True this is why those that get married need to honor there vows https://t.co/xWntnlNEbv
동영상을 @YouTube 재생목록 https://t.co/lrcWy4k645 Uplink & DanyL - Future Room에 추가했습니다.
osu! Top 5 Plays Week 2 #5 | DanyL #4 + #3 | @AngeLMegum1n #2 | @filsdelamaosu #1 | @shigetora_twit https://t.co/23VEFgAXdV
As a loyal and faithful Single WIFE have to say some men don't appreciate it! https://t.co/VLkc5KMQHi