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RT @_kaicealea: It’s crazy how life happens to you lol when you just let it. You be thinking stuff is supposed to go one way then boom. Plot twist
RT @TeaHerbMilkSoap: Rosehips, Green Tea, Raw Honey & Shea Butter Soap-Acne Wrinkles Dry Rash Moisturize Collagen https://t.co/j4kxxB3s2H https://t.co/LZAcMMiQw3
@Ms_DNA الحل هو حد للموضوع وانا دايماً اقول ان المراءه بايده كل شي ال green light او ال red light لاي موضوع و لاي علاقه
시작부터 눈물바다여...... https://t.co/gQffj1YUPZ
@fuyuka_275 ご本人様ー!? 素敵な作品ばかりなので欲しいなーと思いながらいいねさせて頂いてます。 またチャンスあればその時にはゲットしたいです(>_<)
RT @geosnugget: no robbie williams, we aren’t going to vote for ur new boyband just because we’re girls, us being girls doesn’t mea… https://t.co/5cRUpJgl5w
RT @IDFSpokesperson: “Green Without Borders” would be a great name for an environmental organization. Too bad Hezbollah made it up to di… https://t.co/2Yn2eOzDXy
Rudy Green - My Mumblin' Baby
🔥 CETTE SEMAINE : 🃏 Lundi 20h : Tournoi RedCactus Poker 🌭 Mardi 18h : GREEN BOX • Atelier diététique et nutrition… https://t.co/DqoCbOJHFw
@drum_green_ お母さんでもいいよー、なんかほんとに息子を見守ってる気分だもん(笑)
RT @HaroldSinnott: Retraining and reskilling workers in the age of automation via @McKinsey_MGI #AI #IoT #VR #AR #FutureOfWork… https://t.co/dnzju44J44
The side of the road for 2000 miles. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 which most likely why they’re green lighted through . 💩💩💩💩. https://t.co/hgFN5qW1ZE
More info the “green without borders” Hezbolah faux environmentalist campaign along border https://t.co/txsZVzyz9c
RT @NEOBINSUAL: somebody brought up how the green filter that has been in all of skz mv videos was the surveillance camera.. jisung… https://t.co/C4weJqcvua
RT @AdaniOnline: Coal is essential to welcome a green & bright future. Watch how our practices make us a #ResponsibleMiner! https://t.co/VKvsJy6vcZ
Yung friend mong kulay green hahaha
RT @joncoopertweets: "[DeSantis] has only continued...to bring attention to the color of my skin," ⁦@AndrewGillum⁩ said. "I have been bl… https://t.co/Djw0HLpxi0
@eightlien @dtouchn 包丁が具合いいと気持ちいいじゃない? 身近にある道具は大事にきれいに使いたいんですよ。
RT @sasa3341: 仮題: ゆらぎの理論の展望 1.古代 Einstein, Langevin, Onsager 2.中世 Kirkwood, Zwanzig, Green, Mori, Kawasaki 3.近代 ゆらぎの定理とその応用 4.現代 むにゃ、むにゃ 5.未来 ?
@gReeN_tEa142 わたしアマチュアだから違うよ(´・ω・`)