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Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Dark green torrid sweater. https://t.co/Xlq2WAWwrt via @Poshmarkapp #shopmycloset
@BreannaApril1 @albvny__ a cold, crunchy green grape slaps way harder than watermelon 😂 the only time watermelon s… https://t.co/UuBNBQxBsb
RT @sam_aiya: I haven’t gotten this yet, but I feel like someone’s gonna be a smart ass and say something like “bUt WhAt If ThEy… https://t.co/bYhx8Pg0Ch
#EUHustingsUoB Green party rep sounding a lot like Trump bashing the media...
@natnewswatch So the Green Party is against Canada too then nice to know who our enervate
@AdamRoffel @MARKJPWNS Green eye's need to be killed.
RT @sweetpeachxo: Little green dress, little too short 😋 https://t.co/5lxVYALjpv
RT @FireWPhoenix: #GameOfThonesFinale #GameOfThrones "Jon Snow is Azor ahai" "Bran is the Night King" "Jamie will kill Cersei" "Litt… https://t.co/FC06ZtvGtD
RT @FireWPhoenix: #GameOfThonesFinale #GameOfThrones "Jon Snow is Azor ahai" "Bran is the Night King" "Jamie will kill Cersei" "Litt… https://t.co/FC06ZtvGtD
@jd_77 @mrdavidwhitley I'd pay to see sharks with laser beams on their heads
2/6 / When Green Eyes Met Blue And Fell In Love / 2k / https://t.co/ilwyeZ57JF / depression themes, family member i… https://t.co/U7iLoBRa05
RT @ULTRAGLOSS: in 2017 as she was recording her new album, a bystander heard lorde recording “green light.” this man was a struggl… https://t.co/W7aacVT99Y
RT @allthatxweedx: @himatako_th แต่ก็ยังมีฟีล อ๋อ ขอโทษค่ะ หลุดจากมือถือ แจ้งความแล้วค่ะ แล้วเราจำได้ว่าหลังจากนั้นแทบไม่มีข่าวสำนักไห… https://t.co/sN9X6Uls4Q
RT @captainwonu: i just found out i can use the green walls of my room as green screen 🤡 https://t.co/FMbaM5Z9fB
RT @kibbydm: Baby blue & lime green. Basically neon colors https://t.co/XBaMGGTQJu
Last Friday, third grade completed a STEM activity to see which team could work together to create the longest pape… https://t.co/wk2hQz5HVD
@Appleciderpapii Man I just lost to the warriors Game 2 by 7 last night after coming back from down 14 with 6 minut… https://t.co/F5cCtP92AL
RT @MemeBeanRegime: "wow, finally, a Sonic game without Green Hill-" TSR: https://t.co/R0sbWNOuRh
@ESPNcricinfo Looks like a seriously balanced n formadible side now...best possible combination to me, can’t ask fr… https://t.co/ptvILMX1wm
@Aamir80499418 main Red and White ke saath 2 Packet aur bhi khareedta hoon , aik Mond Strawberry aur dosra Mond Gre… https://t.co/vveSyzOrYG
RT @Christy_Ambrose: Productive Monday with the @CPOPGators 5th grade editing their president green screen videos! #BetheGreaterGator https://t.co/Vcl3HbUnS1
RT @Bebloom_com: [Concours] J-5 avant la fête des mères♥️ Tentez de remporter notre bouquet Sweet Maman et un baume visage réconfort… https://t.co/X4x9DAAFfr
@lordvonzs We are meant to overcome adversity, you'll get through it fam.
@cody4thewin1234 @PFF Somehow Carr without throwing to AJ Green. Has more td passes after his 1st 4 years than Dalt… https://t.co/I87PEYib8k